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Poop Butt Chicken (PICS INCLUDED)

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Here is my 4.5 months old chicken , She is having this condition from the day she hatched. First i thought it was pasting so applied oil etc and gave her care when she was young. Later i read it heals and stop when the chicken grows.


Now its 4.5 and still as you can see the poop is always coming out and around the vent, kinda pussy poop. The chicken feeds well , so please guys. can you please explain me a treatment for this?




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please advice

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Sorry, I really have no idea. But these members may: @casportpony @Eggcessive Good luck!

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Looks like it could be infected. Can you clean it off and get a close up picture?

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here I have cleaned with hot water , and trimmed the feathers around. the butt seems just like when she was 5 days old. the pasty butt thing keeps happening to her continuously , and shes the only one having this in the flock of 9.

Is this due to some dis formation of the vent ? please advice solution.  @casportpony 

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