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How long do mail order chicks take to arrive?

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I ordered a bunch of broilers from Murray McMurray and got an email that they shipped today but the post office website doesn't have the estimated delivery date yet. I called MM and they said they could arrive any time in the next three days. I want to take off to be ready to picked them up at the PO as soon as they arrive but of course it'd be helpful to know exactly when they'll arrive. Do they typically arrive the next day or is it usually longer? This is my first time mail ordering birds so any info would be greatly appreciated.

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It all depends on the logistics of the USPS. But I would say that two days is more usual than one.
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Ok thanks. I saw where they picked the package up but it still doesn't have a delivery date on it yet. I'd think the trip would be awfully stressful on the birds. I ordered more than I originally wanted just in case there's a few losses. I don't think I'd survive a trip through the mail that's for sure. I have a hard enough time making it through the airports.

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The computer system will probably just throw up the guaranteed delivery date/time...which doesn't apply to live shipments, so don't count on it.
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Call the Post Office and tell them to notify you as soon as they arrive. My PO let me contact the distribution center (one town over) and I requested that they contact me as soon as the chicks arrived.  The called me ASAP (I could hear peeping in the background) and I left immediately.  My were a day late- I was a nervous wreck!  I had ordered 25 they sent 26 and luckily only 1 died.  I had nightmares of having to pick up a box of dead chicks.  

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My post office calls me as soon as they get in with the morning shipment and I head over to get them. They hand them over and wait while I check on everybody, then we are on our way.

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Thanks for the info everyone. This has made me realize the nice thing about getting chicks from the feed store or someone in town is you don't have the stress of wondering if all your chicks will make it or not. But I suppose the mail order hatcheries know what they're doing for the most part or they wouldn't be in business for very long. My PO order online now says they'll arrive Friday and the guy at the PO told me they always get chicks in by 10:00 AM, so I'll just go into work tomorrow and take off Friday so I'm ready the minute I see they arrive.. I'll feel a lot better when I get the birds home and in the brooder.  

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I know how your feeling. this is my first time ordering from a hatchery and I'm a nervous wreck. mine ship out April 11 and I live in California. They are express shipping from Ohio. I ordered all the way back in January and I've waited so long it will just kill me if they don't make it. I have one of a very rare breed and if I loose her she can't be replaced ;(. They won't be hatching any more...sigh...I feel sick with worry. please pray for my chicks and I will pray for yours!
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I certainly feel a lot better. smile.png My chicks took roughly 36 hours to get from CA to MO if that helps.
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Mine were shipped on Tuesday and I got a call when they were unloaded off the truck at 8am Thursday. Chicks are all 6 month old laying pullets now.
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