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Ok, so it's coming up on day 10 very soon. I've looked at all sorts of video's and pictures for candling Quail eggs. Anyone have tips from experience? Things to look out for? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) I have just bought a very bright LED torch for doing this with. And i mean VERY BRIGHT lol.

Basically, if you see a dark blob the egg is developing. If it's a light blob it's not.

Once you start candling, you'll see the difference.

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@Jesusfreak101 aww, thats so cute they come to a whistle!

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@Tabasco Jack thank you :) i've watched quite a few videos and all of them have different advice. It seems the darker quail eggs are hard to candle, so i'll try and keep an eye out for the dark blob as best i can. If i'm not too sure, i'll just continue to incubate it anyway. Can't hurt lol.


I'll be candling the eggs on Thursday/Friday and i'll see if i can take some pictures. Always good to get some help with this stuff, as i am a total beginner.

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Right. If you're not sure about them, just put them back in and let them go another week.
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Hi, guys! Been away from the laptop for a few days, it was my birthday yesterday, and my brothers tomorrow, so we have all been busy here. But i have literally just managed to candle my eggs, and i have found a couple that had cracks in them, so obviously no good, and they glowed bright yellow/green with no dark patches or blobs in them.


There are a few with very visible dark blobs, and the blobs move when i rotate the eggs, and some of them don't seem to move, so i am now officially confused lol.


Some have dark blobs in the pointy end of the egg with a large clear/gloweing area above them, and some are dark blobs in the middle of the eggs with clear spaces either side.


So here's a few pics anyway....i would really reall really be so grateful if anyone could take a look and give me some feedback. I am totally new to this, and have never seen a fertile egg.


Thank you so very much to whoever helps me out here xx I've put the ones that have dark blobs in them back in the incubator. The totally clear ones are obviously not fertile.


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I had One hatch but it passed another one is pipped we see how many we get
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Well the one that pipped didnt make it either she didnt even finish coming out. We see if the other do or not i am going to get her some chicks
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Well the other four didnt hatch 😖 they werent fertlized dont ask how i know. Dumbist ideal ever!!
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I'm so interested in this thread. I too am incubating duck eggs. On candling only one of the 6 is viable and growing. I am using an incubator I bought from Amazon. I just add water to it. I don't know how the heck I got a fertilized egg.
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@Jesusfreak101 awww. so sorry you had some dead chicks :( Did you know they were not fertilised? Maybe i am reading your comment wrong? lol


@MyBabyDuck Hi, i thought people had lost interest in my thread so i haven't updated since i posted the photographs. It's my very first time incubating Quail eggs, and i'm setting out for doing it the hard way by trying to hatch from supermarket eggs lol.


Update on my first batch - None hatched, none developed, none were fertile. So i am now on my second batch. I checked the eggs when i got home from Morrisons lol. A box of 12 Quail eggs from a very well known and respected free range farmer called Clarence Court. So high chance of a male in there to fertilise an egg. Just have to be very lucky to get one from the supermarket shelf :P


Anyway, i got them under a light, and 5 were cracked under the surface. So i'm incubating 7 today.


Fingers crossed. I know how rare it is to get a fertile egg and then hatch it from the supermarket, but i'm enjoying it, and learning so much along the way :)

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