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My first time ever incubating Quail eggs. - Page 7

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It is exciting :)


I wasn't expecting to find a fertile egg, let alone one that starts to develop, in a pack of Quail eggs from Morrisons, lol.


I'll be a wreck by the end of the week haha!


But i'll post an update as soon as anything happens, and with pics of course :)


Cross everything for me! lol

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Everything's crossed! good luck :)

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Lockdown is horrible haha! I literally can't stop checking the incubator everytime i walk past it. And it's only day 16! Every time i hear a bird chirp, i think oooh is that mine?  haha!


Having some freak hot weather here, and humidity has dropped to 65%, i can't seem to raise it any higher at the moment. :hu I'm using bowls and sponges, but 65% is the max i can get it too right now.

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I think 65% humidity is fine, the most important thing is that it's stable. It's 95% humidity here D:

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Wishing you all the best with your Morrisons baby.
My M&S duck was born a day or 2 early and died, we are heartbroken, he was perfect and super cute.
Not wanting to steal your thread, you can read about mine on my thread.

Looking forward to your news.
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@Lsky Yeah it's stable, and sitting dead on 65% humidity. So am quite happy about that. Today is meant to be hotter than yesterday so keeping an eye on it.

@MyBabyDuck oh no!! I was wondering how yours were coming along, so sorry sad.png are you going to try again with store bought eggs? Awww that's such a shame sad.png
So the egg hatched early? Does that affect the survival rate of a chick? Like premature babies etc?
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Well, day 17 was a bit of a disaster :(


My thermometer for the incubator broke this afternoon, and i'm pretty sure the temp went up to around 106 for at aleast an hour and half! I had to shoot out to the nearest supplier for another thermometer that would fit straight into where the old one was. I had no choice but to move the egg a little to get the cable back in there, but i kept it as steady and identical to it's original position as possible.


The egg is back in it's original position, but i disturbed it.


No signs of piping yet.


I'm starting to get a bad feeling :(


Fingers crossed for tomorrow :hit

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Wow I just came online four seconds after you wrote that! xD Don't give up yet, he could still hatch. He's gotten this far already, just a little bit to go. :hugs

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Praying for little guy/girl
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@Lsky I'm staying positive, it is only day 17 after all. I'm hoping he/she is just a late hatcher. I am using a still air incubator, which needs to be kept a few degrees higher than the forced air incubators, so i'm just hoping the bit of extra heat wasn't too much for it.

The last couple of weeks went so fast, but lockdown feels like it's going on forever lol.


@Jesusfreak101 Thank you! I'm hoping he/she makes it x


As i'm typing this i swear i can hear chirping! Maybe i'm just going mad lmao!

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