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They are simply adorable. Excellent work!!!


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I use this to add water without opening the incubator when I need to. I got the syringe at Tractor supply and use accordion straws so I can hit different reservoirs. Just split one to fit inside the other them tape them.

Looking good.

I thought I was clever.....I use catheters with the syringe that is normally used for injecting meat with brine or flavorings.  One tip I picked up somewhere here on BYC is to put a bit of food coloring in the water.  That's especially helpful with an all white incubator like the Farm Innovations 4200 I'm using because the stupid channels are so hard to see!!

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Brilliant.  The things we come up with.  ha

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Just figured I would update you.  This was a difficult hatch.  Nothing like my first which went pretty nearly flawlessly.  I think one hatched without any assistance at all.  However, I did get 10 chicks out of 13 eggs.  Two of them have required a lot of care and concern, but seem to be pulling through.  Was sad to have 3 chicks not make it.  We did have a short power outage, so I guess this is not bad for having that bump in the road.

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Well, considering I've never done this before, if you say it was difficult, I am sure it was a nightmare. Ha!  I'm sorry you lost some, but considering that everything has to be so precise, 10 out of 13 isn't bad.  I came home one day at lunch and my house was so cold, that my incubator was reading 95 and I had a complete meltdown.  I called my boyfriend and was like, "did you open the incubator, omg, why is it so cold in here, all my chickens could be DEAD!"  Hahaaaa.... it was a very stressful evening.  I can't even imagine if I lost power.  

So I have three babies so far.  One hatched a day early, one on time and one a day late.  They are all dried, fluffy and eating.  I still have 5 eggs to go. It is safe to say, I spent the entire weekend, sitting in front of my incubator, adding water with a turkey baster and making sure all hatched without incident, all while taking photos and video and then moving them to the "maternity ward" for drying and resting..... My god, I've never worked so hard in my life.  haha   What an experience.  The other 5 are due to hatch at different days throughout this week.  Now when I look in the incubator I'm like.. "I need a break, please no pips. haaha."  Where do you live?  What city and state?  Looking forward to more pics when you get a chance. ;-)


P.s.  Everyone was asking me why one of the babies was plugged in.   **** wires hanging around in there....  LOL  

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Oh my goodness.  Such cute babies.  You are doing great!  It does look like the one is plugged in with the wires.  =)


I will take more pictures later today, but will post the one I have from the other day.   When I checked on them, they had all lined up and fallen asleep in a cute line.  This was when we were only part way through the hatching.    Like you, I have been hanging over the incubator when I was not at work, and had my hubby and kids on duty while I had to be away.  So exhausted!  My two weaklings are perked up and dong well today.  Had their first green mucus poops and are eating and drinking well.  It is good to see them walking around and doing so much better.  I can't imagine 5 more eggs to go.  Hopefully you get some good rest again soon.  =)


You asked about my location.  We are in Fredericksburg, VA, where we recently moved.  How about you?

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adorable.  I am in Wenham, Ma. I wish we were neighbors. ;-)

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Guess we will have to enjoy being Back Yard Chicken neighbors.  =)  Here are the pictures the chicks I promised.  I took extras of my favorite chick.  I like the speckles on the feathers already.  BTW I am still having more issues with this batch.  I had to clean up pasty butts today.  Such fun!




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O M G  they are thee cutest.  I had to help my fourth chick out of her egg last night.  What a nightmare that was. Ha!  But she made it.  I think my humidity dropped too low at some point, still have four more to go.  Wish me luck!

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Oh my.  Glad she made it.  I have one that is looking like it will be a runt.

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