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Through out my time here on BYC:caf I have attempted to help others :hugsdecypher the grand mystery that all chicken owner want to know from the time a chick hatches.:jumpy


"What is it? A girl or boy?":idunno


Seeing as I am not apt to go vent peeking, I wait until the chicks fledge and those first true feathers explain the matter for me. I see pointed feathers and I know it is a male. I see blunt feathers and know it is a female.

If you also know how this works please help us all understand it better. I ask for help because this seems to be an unresolved matter to some. So in the spirit of us all becoming more knowledgable fowl people let us see some good examples of the different shape each gender exhibits in the tips of the tail and neck feathers shorty after the first true feathers develope. I have posted pics in other threads trying to demonstrate this. So if others have better, clearer, examples please share.


This is for gender determination at the fledgling to sub-adult stages.