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Coop design advice needed - Page 4

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Incidentally, if you want to use a single sheet of plywood for the roof then don't forget to make the coop a little smaller than 4x8. For example my coop is 3x7 with a 4x8 roof.
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Originally Posted by makadiwal View Post

Thanks for all the advice. I've decided to stick with the Lean-to roof and will be moving the coop from the fence to the tree line. This should provide a little more wind exposure (I hope) and I will be placing the coop frame on top of concrete slabs. Starting digging the foundation, what back breaking work that is! leveling a 16' path is hard work.

Digging footers is never fun. You ought to try doing it for an actual house!. Good job on the extra effort. Well worth it. I can't wait to see the progress pics.

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Good luck, looking forward to seeing the progress. Finally made some on mine this weekend too and like I said very similar design...
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That's looking sharp. Nice windows too.

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That coop is looking awesome! I started laying the concrete slabs but they were so hard to level I changed my mind and decided on 4x4's instead to get a good run and tampered the hell out of the area to try and get it as level as possible.


Here's the 4x4 going in - you can see the slabs lying on the side:



all 4 in and level. making sure they were square was a confusing process...


I laid some chain link fence afterwards which I really intended to put down under the frame extending out on all sides but only remembered after the first side was in and I couldn't be bothered to dig it out again. Oh I secured the beams from rolling by drilling a 1/2" hole and driving a 2' rebar through about 16" from the ends of each lumber.

The chain link was pretty flat before I put it over the "pit" and then it started curving upwards at the ends. I tried tampering this down but it wasnt really working. The opposite end would just come back up when I tampered so I placed the slabs on top to try and keep some weight on it. I drove some stakes through the shorter ends but putting them every 2 feet around and down the middle will become even more costly so I'm hoping the weight works out for now. Otherwise I've seen some steel stakes on Amazon that are much cheaper that the plastic ones I got from Home Depot.


For added weight, I found some tree logs lying around and put them on top in the middle where most the upwards bend is:


My father-in-law decided to paint the tops of the lumber with decking paint as well as the framing lumber that will go on top of that. I'll probably leave this as it is while I build the frame and roof. I'll remove it just before the hardware cloth goes on the run, or maybe right at the end.  

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I was going to order the metal roof from menards at $20 per 10' - they are 3' wide and I would need only 6, but their delivery charge it was working out close to $80/sheet. So I am going to get them from Home Depot instead at $30/sheet. Going the shingles route will still be more expensive so even though its costing close to $200 its still the cheapest option...

Maybe I should have decided on that open run idea afterall,... lol.

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I tried to create a members page to document my coop build progress but dont have the link available. If i click the link in the sample post it says i dont have sufficient permission.

Anyone know what the requirements are to create a page for your own coop build?
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Check out the Ondura roofing panels at Home Depot too. A bit cheaper than metal or shingles and so far seems like good material to work with. I paid just under $20 per 6' 7" x 4' panel. Putting them on this weekend I can let you know how it goes.
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I saw the Ondura panels too. They were what I was looking at first, but they only come in 6'7" lengths so I would have to overlap. The 4' width although sounds nice, would leave me with no extra for the overhang on the sides which I'd have to get an extra sheet for. Also, with a 10' length, I can't get away with 1.5 lengths of Ondura and will basically have to get 2 sheets for each length of roof to allow for overhang on front and back.


So my options with Ondura are:

10' length = 9 sheets @ $21 = $189,



Or, I could cut the roof down to 9' to utilize 1.5 sheets per length and get only 7 sheets = $147


I've amended the back wall to 7' now which gives me a slightly lower slope and wall to wall rafter length just over 8'.

So allowing for a 6" overlap of sheets, that gives me a total of upto 15 3/4" for the overhang. Could do 5 3/4" on back and 10" on front.


It's a possibility. If I can install them straight onto the purlins then I'd be saving about $40 with Ondura.

But a 10' metal roof would probably look better ;)


decisions, decisions...

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Just realized that I have to wait 4 weeks to get the metal sheets from HomeDepot. All other suppliers are more expensive so I'm stumped...


Taking another look at Ondura. Looks like its only 44" wide when overlapping sheets. To cover min 192" (No overhang) I'm going to need 4.5 sheets X2 (10 foot long) = 9 Sheets.

Or with overhang = 10 sheets. Only 1 week delivery time on those...


Can't see the benefit really. Think I'll just order the metal and wait. Might have to build an interim coop meanwhile. I hope the weather gets warmer soon. Too cold to take the chicks outside just yet.

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