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bantam roo

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anyone know what he is? He is a bantam, I feel bad for him, had them in a transition pen and something got 4 of my other babies he returned a few hours later with a big gash on his neck but it's healing good and he seems ok now I only have a blue pullet, a br, and a white, he's the only new roo I bought
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how old is he

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He is about 5 weeks old the black just started coming in, he was solid white when I got him
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how many toes does it have and does it have feathers on its legs

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4 toes and no
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He does have an abnormal beak so I'm not sure I'm gonna let him breed....we'll see when he gets bigger
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i dont think that he could breed with normal hens anyway its hard for bantys to breed with full grown chickens

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i think some kind of jappanese bantam

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Oh no lol I have bantams but I hope he looks like that picture
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