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Backyard Chickens in Beavercreek Ohio

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Hi All,

Progress report:  The Beavercreek planning commission has a proposed code change on the table.  (Because they tabled it at the last meeting).  It looks promising with an allowed 6 hens (Ohio won't allow the sale of less than 6 chicks because they are 'for agricultural use') on lots larger than 15,000 sq ft (about a third of an acre).  After that they got bogged down in size of coop, type of coop, size of run, type of wire, etc.  and hence tabled it for next month.  I suggested that they only need to relax the prohibition on chickens and let the existing laws on noise, trespass (errant birds), pollution (health concerns) take over, but they wanted to get a lot of strictures in place.  I also said there's plenty of information on best management practices for chickens out there but forget to say that people that don't follow those practices probably won't have chickens for long!  

Anyway, chances look good, so there's hope in Beavercreek

- Jim

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Any word on June 2016 meeting results??  I had four hens up until 2013, my neighbors loved them and kept my dirty little secret from the Beavercreek Chicken police.  They have since passed, old age.  But I am eager to legally setup my hen house again.  Please let me know if it is a green light.  I didn't see anything in the newspaper this morning.  Thanks

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Not sure if my first reply got sent.  But just wanted to know if anyone had heard the results of the June 2016 Beavercreek planning commission meeting decision??  Or when the decision is scheduled?   I am eager to start up my hen house again.  I had three beautiful hens up until 2013, passed on due to old age.  My neighbors loved them and kindly kept my dirty little secret from the Beavercreek Chicken police.  Eggs were the payment for silence as well as friendship.  Hope the commission is also aware that the hatcheries inoculate the chicks from certain diseases before selling them to the public.  They are not noisy either, except when they lay their eggs.  Yes Rooster should be banned - too noisy.  Just like any other pet (dogs, cats, hamsters, etc) ownership is a responsibility. Their droppings make for great fertilizer too.  No smell either, kept the girls clean and happy.  Please let me know the outcome.  Thank you, SR  

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Sorry, I don't keep this up like I should.  They tabled it again in June, but good news!  Last night they passed the code change on to the city council by a 4-1 vote. There are still some that think a few chickens turn a backyard into a barnyard, but the tide is turning.  I'll have to check when the next council meeting is and when the code change will be on the agenda.

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