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I have a <1 year old hen (Iris) who has been stretching her neck as though gasping for air for a couple of days. I treated her with oral suspension of valbazen last night and she is still gasping 24 hours later. I know she's tired 'cause it's keeping her awake. She drinks water, but today isn't very interested in food. If anyone else has experience like this, how quickly did the valbazen work to kill worms (I suspect gapeworms)? None of the other chickens are affected. I have her in a little carrier/pen, but she's starting to look really lonely and depressed so I moved the pen into the entry of the coop. Thanks for any advice.

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Welcome to BYC. Does she have any sneezing, runny nose, rattles or wheezing when she breathes, or watery eyes or eye swelling? Respiratory diseases can cause gaping and gasping. Some are caused by virues, bacteria, and mold. Gapeworm is rare, but it is possible that she has it, especially if she cannot eat or drink. Do you have a vet who could see her? SafeGuard liquid Goat Wormer used 3-5 days in a row at a dosage of 1/4 ml per pound of weight is good for gapeworm in studies.
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She looks perfectly fine when her mouth is closed, except her comb is a little droopy. She is drinking water. She ate yesterday and just a bit today...I soaked little bits of bread in water, she liked that. This evening I noticed her poop is green and foamy, I suspect that's the effect of the valbazen.

She's a blue jersey giant.

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If I want a chicken to eat, I will take some raw egg, plain yogurt, and bread crumbs. Wetting the feed is also popular. I hope you start seeing some improvement.
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