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White lumps on chickens intestines

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butchered hen. When I opened her up by the vent large quantity of water flowed out. Opened her more a found small white lumps on her intestines. Liver looked ok. Looks like intestines are blocked. Any idea what she had and how to treat it's?
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Welcome to BYC. I am not an expert on chicken necropsies or butchering, but I would do some research about possible Mareks disease, since I think it can cause white lumps or tumors on the intestines.   Did you take any pictures? If you Google Mareks disease, go up to images, and look through the pictures. I will try to link some when I am on my computer in the AM.


I found the link I was looking for. If you Google "atlas of avian diseases" you will come upon Cornell University's site. Enter Mareks disease under "view all disease" names, and go to "gross lesions." Go to photo #49 for a picture of white tumors on intestines.

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Thanks for idea. Sounds right, but I cannot find "view all diseases". Will try wife's lap top later
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Here is the link, and here is the picture:'s_Disease


also another link with pictures of other organs:



Intestines with Mareks disease


Preview Image


Preview Image

Enlarged view of intestines in Mareks 

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Wish I had frozen the chicken for later analysis, but this sure looks like what I found. Thank You for ur time and assistance.
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You are welcome, but I' m sorry that it might have been Mareks disease, since it is contagious. You may want to do some reading about it. There is a good article here on BYC by Nambroth called "The Great Big Giant Mareks Faq" that you can read by entering that in the search box at the top of this page.
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