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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to build an incubator and searching the interwebs for stuff that might come in handy.
Came across this:

R-com APS Pro D.Y.I. (autom. temperatuur/ vocht regeling)
It's a thermostat and hygrostat in one with a pump system. You only need to attach a bottle of water, a heater (200Watt max) and set your desired temperature and humidity. It has a digital display and Swiss technology sensors.
For the 99 euro's the store charges (That's 136,50 in USD) it seems like a good deal. If it works the way they promise...

Does anyone here have any experience with it?
What are pro's - con's, how much does it deviate (if that's the correct English word), what are your hatching results? Is it reliable at all?

Incubator for 400~500 eggs. .

Hope to hear from you soon smile.png