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"Red Star" chickens are what is known as a "sex linked" cross. Different hatcheries call the same cross by different names. Cinnamon Queen, Golden Comet, Indian River, and Red Shaver are a few of the common ones. They are all basically the same thing...a Rhode Island Red or New Hampshire rooster crossed on a White Rock or Delaware hen. The resulting chicks will be color sexable at birth with the little roosters (cockerels) being solid white or yellow and the little hens (pullets) being cinnamon or rust colored sometimes having stripes. The result of these crosses tend to create birds that are hardy and more disease resistant (hybrid vigor) as they are outcrossing from the inbreeding that keeps standard chicken varieties pure. These crosses also tend to give the offspring the best traits from both parents and usually create incredible layers. However, these birds do not "breed true". Being a hybrid themselves, any further use of them in breeding will not create the same thing. Chicks from further breeding will not be color sexable when hatched. You must start with pure bred chickens create this hybrid sex link. Hope this helps explain a little of what "Red Star" chickens are and how they might or might not work for what you seek.