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Broody ducks have a set of instinct that kick in when they start setting.

The poop elsewhere instinct is one of them.

If I could toilet train or litterbox train a duck, I would let mine in the house. I would just have to wait until my husband wasn't home. lol

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I knooow, I would love for mine to be toilet trained.  When my husband is on night shifts they could have his side of the bed.  Instead they'd jus poop all over it.

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Darn, I can't get the little faces right.  I was going for sickbyc

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Here's how to potty train chickens. (It should be about the same for ducks.)

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Toilet training ducks.  No problem, it is easier then you think.  Just leave the lid up and the door open.  They will entertain them for hours to come.  Not in a good way to be honest.  big_smile

They can hold their poo longer when broody due to some hormones running high in their bodies.  I guess it gets the ducky constipation going.  smile  It's a hormone thing for sure.  I've read it somewhere, but can't remember the hormone's name either.  Man I've to search for it, and will post it if I find it.

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My Muscovy ducks are 3/4 of the way potty trained! thumbsup  Every morning at 5:30 am, they great me at the front door for their morning feeding, all 16 of them, and they all do there thing right there on the sidewalk leading up to the porch.  My morning blessings!  We begin our daily routine with the common neck bounce and head bop thingy.  I use to always have to start the greeting, but they are eager for their feeding and begin the bounce and bop thingy as soon as they reach the porch.  I call out to each one of them by name, greeting them and ask them if they want their treat, and they all start wagging their tails and letting loose.  Anyone want to guess what color the cement is?  At noon time, I call them all back to the porch, same routine, same results.  Again at 5:30 pm, back to the porch, same routine, same results.  I think they are also learning how to tell time too because they all just magically appear at the designated feeding times, rain or shine.  During their meal breaks, they are out and about doing their own thing, scavenging for bugs under the house and porches and they love to fly around the open field behind our property, they use my driveway as their run way and when they get going full speed into flight, its pretty loud, not to mention an awesome sight.  (maybe they are blessing the field with their droppings in flight too!)  I have several plastic pools around the property for them to bathe in, and they just cant wait to get in that clean water everyday and do there thing!  They all go in there quite a few times a day, but just for quick dips.  Gotta be full of their droppings because I see bubbles and the water turning brown as soon as they are inside.  Other than an occassional duck mine by the waterers, they really leave no trace behind.  I guess thats why I went over my limit of 4 ducks to a whooping 16!  Havent had good luck in trying to train the chickens, but the pig and dogs are trained to do their thing only in designated areas.  So, are my ducks really trained, or am I imagining it?

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