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i bought 2 last summer, well he is definately blue slate, but the hen looks more like a wild turkey now. she is dark in color. is that normal of did i get some cross breed there on her side? her mom was on the farm and definately slate, but the tom was pretty dark. anyway, she lays eggs about every day now. have about 6 in the bater, if anyone is interested in purchasing eggs or anything ill be interested in selling them. i would assume they are fertile as we watch them mate all the time.

We would have to see pics to tell you definitely one way or the other, but it sounds like you might be right. So you're saying it looks bronze or could she be black? Blue in slates works like blue in chickens. 2 copies makes splash, one copy makes blue, zero copies make black. If you breed 2 blues together 50% of poults will be blue, 25% will be splash, and 25% will be black. smile.png
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i would say more like black with bronze tips on her tail and stuff. to me she looks like a wild one. she is not like the pix of slate hens that i have seen. ill see if i can get some pix on here for yall to judge. the lady said the mom was lavender, i saw her and she was, but the dad wasnt so much but she said he was..

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