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Got my first chick ever yesterday and used the feather sexing, light sussex chick seemed fairly clearly a female

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I realize this is an old post but I found this article on Mother Earth News...hope it helps

It has info on feather sexing towards the end. :caf

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Help sexing if possible! Chicks are from a black bantam cochin roo and Americauna hen...tx! Here is chick one's head
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chick one's wing, hatched 4-20-14 interesting one white feather
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chick two's head and wing...hatched 4-21-14
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Can anyone help me with my little ones? Rescued these babies from a hen that was sitting and died, and it turns out she wasn't even on her own eggs. Out of 7 eggs rescued and put in the incubator we saved 5. With one hatching just  5 days after we put it in, and the rest coming about 12 days later.


Here is the whole gang. You would thing Gogi (the big guy in front) would pick on the little ones but he doesnt at all. 


Here are the ones I need help with. 



#2- Brownie

#3- Hudson- my guess would be male on this one he is 2 days older than the other 2


#4- Addy

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Hey yall!!! I have baby chicks that should be hatching tomorrow or the next day!! Just wanted to make sure yall are still taking questions smile.pngfrow.gif
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Any idea if it works with Black Copper Maran chicks?  I have 6 and all 6 have same length wing feathers. This is @ 2 weeks old


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Wing sexing can only be done at hatch with specific breeds. You might want to Google which breeds that is as I can't remember off hand. Hope this helps a bit. Best wishes.
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If you read the first post in this thread it gives a chart that shows which breeds can be crossed to wing sex. It also tells you genetically how it works. The chart is close to the bottom of the first post.

Tadkerson’s Sex Link Thread

Individual breeds cannot be wing sexed. The mother has to have the dominant slow feathering gene and the father has to have the recessive fast feathering gene only. Since this is a sex linked gene the father gives a copy of the recessive fast feathering gene to both male and female offspring but the mother only gives her dominant slow gene to her sons. So the pullets get a fast gene from their father and nothing from their mother and are fast feathering. The boys get one recessive fast and one dominant slow and are slow feathering.

If you think about it, since the offspring are not set up properly genetically feather sexing cannot be a breed thing. The genetics are not set up right in the offspring. One generation and feather-sexing is done.

 I grow a little impatient when people seem to think that they are unique in the world. Of course they are. Just like everyone else.


 I grow a little impatient when people seem to think that they are unique in the world. Of course they are. Just like everyone else.

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