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Hi everyone, i am enjoying your pictures. I am new to TP so I can't really advise what looks better. I have mine posted above.

I finally see the frizzle I have is also a rooster, he seemed slower to mature, his legs stayed smaller longer and he doesn't act hyper like the other roosters, he acts more hen like. it was harder to tell from his feathers and his legs were small but last week I saw the feathers around his neck did seem more pointy and his legs have gotten larger. The other roosters I have play challenge but never challenge that one.

The smooth one which is more black and gold is hyper and it was pretty obvious from the start that he was rooster, his crest shows it more too and he's always on the go. They are fun to watch and stick together, I hope they won't fight later, they are sweet now. I have no TP eggs, soon hope to get more hatching eggs though.

Hope you are all doing well and your chickens too :-)

Few of mine more recent:

Will put a few pictures in next email, it's not giving me that option here.
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[IMG ALT=""][ There. Comments, feedback?They are from two different breeders. The frizzle was hatched July 4 and the smooth one was hatched about a week later.
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Which breeders did you get them from!? I'm looking for a frizzle hen preferably not from Omega hills farms and I got my other 2 from and want different blood lines. Yours are gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by Tsumo View Post

Which breeders did you get them from!? I'm looking for a frizzle hen preferably not from Omega hills farms and I got my other 2 from and want different blood lines. Yours are gorgeous!

Thanks. I can't tell if too or hen! I thought frizzled was a hen and black one a too but looking at neck feathers, am thinking vice verse. They are from the Crested Cockerel Hatchery. PM your text and I will give it to the lady, she had a house fire recently.
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I have a friend who wants me to come down this weekend to help her identify breeder quality tolbunts from sellers. (she might sell them at the Corvallis Oregon poultry swap this month).  She bought eggs from a friend of mine who lives in Oregon, a person in Olympia, and three others on ebay.  I currently don't have pictures. I also don't know their age.  

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I also forgot to ask if anyone has tried to make a lavender polish?  I have just picked up a trio of polish.  The roo is a pure white, hen is a champagne, and a solid blue hen.  Has anyone tried to make a porcelain polish?  If so how did you do it?


Thank you!

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Hi Everyone I am some what new to the Polish chicken breed and have been doing alot of research when I came across the color Tolbunt. I would love to get my hands on a Roo and two hens or some chicks. I've looked on the Web but no one is responding to my emails or there website are no longer. Does anyone out there have anything for sale or could help me in the right direction please!
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I just regained my stock (2 roos and 5 hens) and will be hatching as soon as they start laying.  I know that finding hens is going to be incredibly difficult.  It took me 2 years to find a hen.  Have you tried E-bay?  My friend bought eggs from there and has gotten awesome hatches.  You also might want to look at the Buy Sell Trade on backyard chickens.  I know that people were giving away some roos a week ago.  Craigslist is another option.  If you cant find anything then I would look for a Poultry swap.  I know that theirs a lot of swaps in Oregon.  I believe that the next swap is in February.  I would more than likely have some eggs then.  Good luck!

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Today I lost my rooster (Houdini) I found him already passed in his sleep I think with nightshade berries around him. So sad. I had one female and one male. Now Mini (my female) is completely lost. She follows me around and wants to be held or on my shoulder constantly. I'm thinking about bringing her inside for the winter and getting some more eggs in the spring. I do have other birds but these two were/are special. RIP Houdini.
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There is a nice lady in WA that sells Tolbunts and other breeds through Craigs list.  I have a couple of her pullets and they are very nice, big top knots and decent coloring.  One of mine is a frizzle to.  Her name is Pamala.

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