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Week-Old Turkey Poult- I NEED HELP!

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About a week ago, my school got a shipment of turkey poults. A couple had spraddled-looking legs. They were going to let them die but I didn't want that, so they let me take them home. One did pass away, but the other one, which I've named "Dewey", was doing fine. We discoved that Dewey's leg wasn't spraddled, but deformed- he can't stretch it out. He was starting to stand on his good leg, but now he isn't and I'm afraid he's spraddled it. When I look up what to do, I see where people attach the legs together to help, but he can't stretch the one leg to attach it to the other. I'm at a complete loss on how to help him. Other than his leg he is healthy. Any ideas?

P.S. After he's been asleep a while, he can ony open one eye. The other is stuck shut like when a dog's eye is runny and gooey. Any ideas on what that is and what to do?

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By "deformed" do you mean `toes are curled and am unable to extend leg into a normal `standing' position by gentle manipulation'?  Even if the other leg was perfectly normal, the inability to work with the deformed leg is not good.  I'm guessing your school ordered Broad Breasted turkeys, yes?  BB's are prone to leg problems (in the best of circumstances).

We kept our BBB poult (two spraddled legs) going for 4 months.  We taped the toes/splinted and hobbled the legs.  He seemed, at three months, to have recovered fully.  Then he flew off the back deck (the landing ended his walking) and had to spend his last days being carried around to pick at the grass with his chicken buddies.  He became so depressed that he'd no longer eat grapes.  We had to put him down.

You can use plain eyedrops to  clear gunk around eye.  You can also try placing him in a cup so legs can hang down (there should be pictures of this in one of the spraddle leg threads), three drops of Polyvisol Enfamil vitamins (without iron) per day x1wk and then taper off.  Augment regular feed with meal worms (more protein).  My best advice is to not get too attached.

Take care and good luck!

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He died last night. Thanks for the advice anyway

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Sorry it didn't make it, but you tried smile .

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