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@varidgerunner that is my other thing,I only opened the incubator to rotate the eggs...I'm experimenting if the egg Turner or hand rotating results in a better seems that I get horrible hatches with egg turners...but I also when it gets to the point when they are supposed to hatch,as I do with all my hatches, I put more water in the trays for humidity...though I just did that probably an hour ago...but I will definitely keep you all updated on my progress...also,@JRNash,I would be careful with buying eggs okn eBay,because you never know what you are getting... You could get diseased eggs,and bring something in that could kill your flock...I'm actually dealing with infectious coryza right now...I picked it up from auction...😲
Though its not really surprising,but I guess it is what it is.
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Thanks for the warning Cassidy. I try and get as much information as possible on the seller's. A lot of them are members of their breeds clubs and show their birds. Its a gamble any way you look at it. And with any birds being introduced they have an extensive isolation period.
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I have 25 welp slow broilers that are still in a huge brooder/start pen. They are 3weeks old. I probably WON'T. Let them mingle with the rest of the flock for another two weeks.Only butchering the cockrels at 12weeks._
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That is true,and is also what I failed to do. That's why I'm dealing with what I am...because I forgot to isolate properly. But I guess you live and you learn. I also looked up the Asil eggs,and found them. I think the first pic of the white rooster,that the rooster has seen better days,he just has a funny look to his eye...idk if you noticed that though.
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Lucky,my only asil will lead a pampered indoor life for some time to come
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My dark Cornish still hasn't hatched yet,though it may just be a late bloomer...I'm hoping others will hatch,but idk if it will happen. Where are you getting your oshamo chicks from?
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North Carolina a breeder named Don Opatha.
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Ive had 4 barred rocks hatch out two more have piped, a day late. Tried putting two in with Lucky. That was a No Go. He immediately started pecking on them.
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I would definitely think an Asil would do that. It is part of being that breed...
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Its the aggressive behavior Im wanting to reintroduce to my Dark Cornish.
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