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I am not a genius, I have eight girls. Easy enough for me to put a little vaseline on their combs, I live in Michigan and it can get very cold. There was not big need for me to do it, but I thought what the heck, it;s not going to hurt them. Alls I had to do was sit with with them - takes about two seconds before they all want to be on my lap. 


I spend as much time as I can with them before and after work. They are very sweet little girls.



; )

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Vaseline is petroleum based, and therefore carcinogenic (that is, it causes cancer)


Keep the chooks warmer, or use a lip balm. Mix virgin olive oil with beeswax to make lip-balm. That won't cause cancer and will give them the same protection which lip balm gives in cold windy weather.


If you click on my exact words in a google search, you'll see this in many many newspapers and links and websites and scientific studies and so on, it's not controversial.

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Causes cancer in chickens or humans, I doubt a chicken is going to live long enough in the first place to develop any disease from occasional applications of Vaseline.

I however don't buy into any of this Vaseline on the comb stuff, I can understand how it works by keeping water from settling in the skin, but I'm in northern Wisconsin, we can get some extended periods of extreme cold, -20 during the day and down to -35 or occasionally colder and I've never done the Vaseline thing, I only ever had 1 rooster get frostbite and that is odd to me because I've had others with bigger combs without frostbite. The biggest thing is ventilation not temperature, you need to get rid of moisture and you won't get frostbite. I don't have leghorns but I've got a Sicilian buttercup rooster a nh rooster and various single comb breeds. I wouldn't worry about it at all if your coop isn't cramped and you have good ventilation unless maybe you know your going to get down to severe extreme below zero temps, even then a dry coop will not allow frostbite
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I'm the one who does not want to get cancer. I care about the health of the chooks but I care more about my own health.


Using Vaseline on a chook's comb can give YOU the cancer, because that is called a 'FOOD CHAIN'. The chicken absorbs the carcinogenic petroleum, and it gets into their eggs, and then you eat the eggs.


Rubbing Garlic on your feet will give you garlic breath. The skin can absorb many things. A chooks comb is similar. Give garlic to a woman in labor and her baby will have garlic breath when it's born.

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Thanks for suggesting we read up on Vaseline. I now feel safer than ever using it. On the other hand, apparently 80 percent of all shampoos and bar soaps contain carcinogenic ingredients. Oh my. No way to wash off that Vaseline!

You can find an article about anything on the internet.
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Coffee causes cancer, eggs can cause cancer.. seriously everything can. Moderation people.  ; )

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I'm pretty sure Copenhagen and various forms of alcohol will get me before Vaseline.
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Funny! Live long and enjoy! Merry Christmas to everyone. 

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Originally Posted by Bantamboys View Post

Coffee causes cancer, eggs can cause cancer.. seriously everything can. Moderation people.  ; )

Should I stop licking this cesium isotope and switch to ice-cream ? what are you saying ? Cigarettes are healthy !!!


Roundup is safe to drink too.

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I think your taking what bantamboy said alittle to far there. Everything has a chance to cause cancer you can either live in fear of dieing or Trust what God has planned for you. My dad was told he would be dead hy the age of 30 by doctors and he is now 55 going on 56 doctors and scientific studies dont know everything. Enjoy your chickens and try not to worry the worst thing for them is moister and wind chill keep those down and frost bite is unlikely.
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