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Cheapest Price on Hardware Cloth

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I have done comparisons on the price of 1/2" hardware cloth (24" x 100') at Sears, Tractor Supply, Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon and Wayfair, and so far, Wayfair has had the cheapest price ($61.65 plus free shipping).  It was another poster to BYC that steered me to Wayfair cause I'd never heard of them before.  Has anyone found a better price?  I don't think I'm likely to get cheaper plus free shipping.   Sears was actually the same price but they wanted to charge $58 for shipping!

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I have been looking around as well.  You are right so far Wayfair is the cheapest I have found too!


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Wayfair is the most economical that I have found.  I just received 100 feet of 48" wire for $180.00.

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also wayfair here,,I got 3 rolls of 48 x 50 and paid 180.00 , it was on a special plus I got 10% off and free shipping, couldn't beat it:)

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OMG- You will not believe what the Wayfair price of 1/2" hardware cloth went up to in just one week!   I looked on their site this morning at it's $100 for a 100 foot roll of 24"!  That is a price increase of $40 IN JUST ONE WEEK!  Now I'm so wishing I'd placed my order already.  Now back to the original question - where can you buy the cheapest hardware cloth?

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I just sent a nasty gram to Wayfair asking about the price increase.  Hopefully it's just a mistake but I doubt it. 

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I'm glad I purchased mine last week !
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On this link to wayfair,

24" x 600"(50ft) is 33.78  x 2 would equal 67.56 it's free shipping for orders over 69.00

not sure where you saw the 100 ft x 24", it's not listed..but basically this is the same price except for the shipping that it's been for awhile now.

Still cheap in my opinion:)

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I don't know what's going on either.  I know I can't be that crazy.  I got a response from Wayfair this evening saying that they didn't have it at that price, but I specifically bookmarked it at $61.65 more than 2 weeks ago.  Now when I look at the same page today it's now listed at $92.99. Oh well, they've lost my business.  I can get it for around $71 at Amazon with free shipping.  

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This hread might be helpful if you have a Lowes in the area:
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