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I am looking for any information anyone might have on getting a zoning variance for chickens for a boy who has disabilities.  He had to get rid of his chickens because of zoning laws. His chickens were very therapeutic for him.

My girlfriend and I purchased 4 "hens" last year, and one rare breed turned out to be a rooster. He is a beautiful BLR Wyandotte and we got very attached to him, as did the hens. When he started crowing, one neighbor started complaining. We placed a collar on him 24/7 to suppress the volume, and keep him in the coop during noise curfew hours (10pm - 8am). When the county ordinance control officer came by to remove him, I met him with a bit of resistance (to put it mildly). We then hired a great animal rights lawyer to fight our battle, and ended up with an exemption to keep him using the Emotional Support Animal rules under ADA. Without violating my girlfriends privacy, we were able to obtain letters of support from doctors supporting our claim of emotional support. This doesn't have the full strength of the ADA's service animal laws, but enough to win our battle. We also used the HUD rules on Fair Housing rights. The exemption stands as long as we maintain the noise compliance. Unfortunately, we have one neighbor who calls the police EVERY DAY to complain about the noise and forced the city to file charges. We have support from closer neighbors who claim he is no louder than the dogs, birds, squirrels, and other ambient neighborhood noises. In all this the jerk, uhhh neighbor, has never come over to speak with us! So we keep the roo as quiet as possible, and the fight goes on.

Good luck fighting for your rights.