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Thank you! He's absolutely gorgeous. I show all of my Phoenix this guy normally takes grand champion at his shows and my golden takes reserve
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That is you have more pics
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this was a show in lake city FL
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show in lake city still
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Hey there everyone


We just received 15 bantam golden phoenix chicks.  I noticed that some have dark legs and others light.  Does that given any indication as to what gender they may be?  I've heard several different ways of telling by stripes on their back etc but I cant tell a difference except for their feet color.  they are so fragile and small.  I'm constantly looking at them to make sure they are all ok.  Nervous new bantam mom I guess

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I get my 9 Phoenix chicks this week, looking at all these photos I am sooo excited! What beautiful birds!
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Hey all I received 19 bantam phoenix from a breeder. 2 died in shipment, then another 4 over the past two days. I can't figure out what's wrong. They all look fine then all of a sudden they start wobbling can't walk then die in hours. It's not wry neck I know that when I see it. I'm down to 13 little babies and can't stop crying thinking I'm doing something wrong.

We've hatched, raised and showed larger fowl birds for a year now and I've never had anything like this or problems in general. Is there something specific for these tiny birds?
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It sounds like they have something in their system and it's killing them from the inside. I just now have 5 Phoenix chicks from my own birds but I haven't had a problem with them wobbling and stumbling around. Are they drinking water?
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