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Because I have multiple coops, I decided to make a short article with links to my loft, chicken run, and coops, along with a few extra notes. So please check out the links and enjoy!

The Triangle Coop
A great summer chicken tractor for a small flock!

The Tall Coop
A simple and cheap build that uses space and materials well.

IMG_20200625_210742648_PORTRAIT (1).jpg
The Chick Coop
A great coop for integrating and raising chicks!

Simple Predator Proof Poultry Run
A material and space conservative build that your chickens will love!

Simple DIY Pigeon Loft
A cheap and easy build for backyard pigeon keeping!

  • I did not write out any plans or take pictures of the chicken coops during construction.
  • In these pictures the coops have a thin coat of paint. It still needs to be edged and probably needs a second coat, but we ran out of paint. I will finish before winter.
  • In the Tall Coop and the Broody Coop the roosts are of different heights. Some people prefer them to be all the same height, but I like different heights because the chickens can use them as stairs to get to the top roosts (and nesting boxes, in the Tall Coop's case). Some say that the chickens like all their roosts to be the same height, and will refuse to sleep on the bottom roosts. But in my case the silkies and the lower-ranking hens will sleep on the bottom roosts.
  • During the winter I leave the windows closed, propping them open with sticks on the warm days. In the summer, I tie them up with wire and leave them open full-time.
  • I use chicken wire instead of hardware cloth. Some people may critique that, but I don't have a ton of predators around here. I have never had a predator rip the wire, but I double wrapped the Main Run and base of the Triangle Coop just in case. The windows only have one layer, but they wouldn't be easy to access. The private run currently has only one layer of wire, but I plan on adding the second soon.
  • I use pine shavings as bedding, cleaning them out whenever they seem too dirty (around every month and a half). In the winter I use the deep litter method which you can read about here: Deep Litter Method The Easiest Way To Deal With Chicken Litter Dlm

My advice to future coop builders:
  • Make your coop as big as possible. Chicken addition is addicting! You might not believe this, but if you don't listen, you will regret it later!
  • Always make sure you have an easy way to clean your coops!!! Also make sure you can fully open all your doors if you add an extension.
  • Consider the ventilation. Good ventilation means healthier chickens. You don't want them to suffocate! (Chicken Coop Ventilation - Go Out There And Cut More Holes In Your Coop!)
  • Make sure each coop has an indoor food and water system in case you have to separate them for whatever reason.
  • Nest boxes are necessary. If the chickens don't have a private-ish place to lay (such as on the floor) then they will get nervous and might have laying problems. They also might not lay as much. Please make nesting boxes!
  • If your egg door is for collecting eggs, make sure it has a lip. Or if, like me, you just want it for cleaning, then don't give it a lip.
  • If you need more ideas, check out the other BackYardChickens Coop Articles here:
  • And while we're talking about BYC (BackYardChickens), if you aren't already a member, please come join the flock!

I hope these articles inspire you to make a thing or two of your own! Thanks for reading!
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The Creative Homesteaders raise and love on chickens, pigeons, cats, honeybees, rabbits, and a dog! We love nature and are working on becoming more self sufficient. We breed and conserve endangered heritage breeds!

About myself personally... I've been raising chickens for almost eight years and have participated in 4-H since 2017! I love using my chicken knowledge to help other people!

If you have any questions or feedback about my article, please comment below or send me a PM. Don't forget to rate and review!

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