1. ChickensInMA

    My New Coop's Renovation!

    Hi! I figured I'd post the pictures of my new coop that we've been making since July. I wanted to combine my ducks, bantams and big hens into one bigger coop. It's been quite the upgrade, and lots of research has been done. They had a 4'x4' coop with a 6'x8' run, but now they have a 7.3'x7.8'...
  2. G

    STAY AWAY FROM URBAN NORTHERN COOPS based out of Marysville, WA, formally known as The Chickenpen Company

    I purchased a coop from Urban Northern Coops, formally known as The Chickenpen Company, before I read their reviews on the BBB. I was not confident about their product after reading the reviews so I contacted them and asked them if they could stand by their product. They came back with a bunch...
  3. petscosset

    The Great Debate: Free-Range vs. Coop-Raised Chickens

    Hey fellow chicken enthusiasts! I've been pondering a question that has sparked quite a debate among backyard chicken keepers: Is it better to raise chickens in a free-range environment or in a coop? On one hand, free-ranging chickens have the freedom to roam and forage, leading to a more...
  4. R

    New on the yard 🐓

    Hey y’all! My name is Ren and my boyfriend montana and I recently moved to Ohio to his grandads farm. We have already gotten chickens, quails, ducks and Guinea. We have had a lot of learning lessons, even after just six short months! We built our own incubators and hatched all of our birds. We...
  5. New Shed Conversion Coop for Silkies

    New Shed Conversion Coop for Silkies

    We have been expanding our little chicken coop and decided to start with a shed for our show Silkies. Finally, finished the landscaping. The Silkies play in the run due to predators and AI. We have been in the coop for 4 months and it’s easy to maintain due to all washable materials. We use AC...
  6. PioneerChicks

    Share your dream coop!

    We're moving and I will be building a new coop (or coops) at our next place. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration. Please share your dream coop plans and must-haves! P. S. I want to try geese too, and possibly more pigeons, and who knows what else, so other poultry species coops are welcome :pop
  7. Ocean Flare

    Coop recommendations?

    A client of my mother's who I know called me recently with a sort of business idea. I have an incubator and she has Serama's and eggs, so why not raise and sell some? Now I have 1 egg in the incubator and 3 hens died, leaving her with a just rooster. We're trying to buy some more eggs to hatch...
  8. Hip Hillbilly Acres

    @PamperedChickGirl made me wonder about something . . . we are talking multiple coops here

    So, when (ahem, IF) we decide to have more than one coup (looks like its gonna be necessary) will the chickens know to go to THEIR own coop? 🤔 🤔
  9. thlayli

    New House, Old Coop

    Heyo! Old member coming back after several years -- I had a flock of 17 when I lived in Washington after getting out of the military, but still-enlisted Husbando got orders to California and the chickens couldn't come. Now that Lady Navy no longer gets a slice of me OR my man, we've contracted...
  10. 20220612_140647.jpg


    Parents and chicks in newly built run
  11. Jaeden Mckinley

    Let me see those coops

    Hi there my fellow chook owners, I want to see some coops and what is the best thing about them. I was thinking of of splitting my coop right down the middle and separating my meat birds from my egg layers, but I need some ideas, so start squaking. :bun
  12. 4FriedEggs

    Free range with coop for night

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie to raising chickens & also a newbie to East Tennessee. We just moved here a little over 3 months ago from Western New York. This will be our first time raising chickens. We have a rather unique set up in our backyard. It's fully fenced & then it's separated into 2 areas...
  13. Feathyr

    Show me your windy weather coops / tractors / runs!

    As the title states - I'd like to see coops designed for windy / stormy areas. Bonus points if you have high gusts! We live in an valley with frequent (if not daily) wind - anywhere from 5 to 20MPH, 25 or more on bad days. My flock is expanding next month and while I'm set for the current time...
  14. BlueHorse17

    Dealing with flies and poultry?

    Just wondering what everyone does to help prevent/maintain flies in their coops/runs? I have chickens, quail and ducks and this year has been the worst for the little buggers in the past three years. I have disposable fly traps up in each of the coops, along with vanilla-scented car scents. (I...
  15. Blue Raptor

    What is ______? Question thread!

    If you have a question about anything, home life/fowl/coops/food, as here! I will try to respond to as many posts as possible, but I'll need everyone else to help me respond to questions too!
  16. Sbr73

    How tall?

    I have been looking at coops for awhile now. I have narrowed it down to 4x5 for 4-5 hens. The only dimension I can not find is how tall should your coop be? Looking for height from floor to roof. Some articles say 3 1/2 feet height. What height is your coop from floor to roof?
  17. Kimi BK

    Sanity check breeding & coops/pens

    We are new to breeding, and new to owning roos, but have had chickens for a dozen years. We now have 12 cockerels (Australorp, Wyandotte, and Welsummer) and 12 pullets (same, plus Easter Egger), all 16 weeks old. The pullets are in a 7'x16' pen with an enclosed upper portion ~7'x7', plenty of...
  18. PioneerChicks' Farmyard

    PioneerChicks' Farmyard

    Because I have multiple coops, I decided to make a short article with links to my loft, chicken run, and coops, along with a few extra notes. So please check out the links and enjoy! The Triangle Coop A great summer chicken tractor for a small flock! The Tall Coop A simple and cheap build...
  19. alknoll

    A note on Urban Northern coops...

    Because others on here have said they also have purchased coops from Urban Northern. I purchased the Farm House coop for 6 hens, and it is only big enough for two hens (others on here have alerted me to this and I can also tell by looking that the hens are getting squished as they grow...). I...
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