1. BlueHorse17

    Dealing with flies and poultry?

    Just wondering what everyone does to help prevent/maintain flies in their coops/runs? I have chickens, quail and ducks and this year has been the worst for the little buggers in the past three years. I have disposable fly traps up in each of the coops, along with vanilla-scented car scents. (I...
  2. Blue Raptor

    What is ______? Question thread!

    If you have a question about anything, home life/fowl/coops/food, as here! I will try to respond to as many posts as possible, but I'll need everyone else to help me respond to questions too!
  3. Sbr73

    How tall?

    I have been looking at coops for awhile now. I have narrowed it down to 4x5 for 4-5 hens. The only dimension I can not find is how tall should your coop be? Looking for height from floor to roof. Some articles say 3 1/2 feet height. What height is your coop from floor to roof?
  4. Kimi BK

    Sanity check breeding & coops/pens

    We are new to breeding, and new to owning roos, but have had chickens for a dozen years. We now have 12 cockerels (Australorp, Wyandotte, and Welsummer) and 12 pullets (same, plus Easter Egger), all 16 weeks old. The pullets are in a 7'x16' pen with an enclosed upper portion ~7'x7', plenty of...
  5. PioneerChicks' Farmyard

    PioneerChicks' Farmyard

    Because I have multiple coops, I decided to make a short article with links to my loft, chicken run, and coops, along with a few extra notes. So please check out the links and enjoy! The Triangle Coop A great summer chicken tractor for a small flock! The Tall Coop A simple and cheap build...
  6. alknoll

    A note on Urban Northern coops...

    Because others on here have said they also have purchased coops from Urban Northern. I purchased the Farm House coop for 6 hens, and it is only big enough for two hens (others on here have alerted me to this and I can also tell by looking that the hens are getting squished as they grow...). I...
  7. angelashelton

    New to Chickens - A Flock of Roosters!

    Hello!! I'm Angela and Covid gave me chickens. I wanted them originally for egg supply, not eating but when I saw they were sold out I became determined, calling the local hatcheries and Tractor Supply daily. They came in, I ran to get them. I had 18 and one died - a little silkie suffocated I...
  8. MamaGer8ty

    Meat chickens with dual chickens?

    We have four Cornish hens that will be going to freezer camp in a couple of weeks. (I saw someone else said that in a post and I loved it. I can’t remember who said it though.) Is it ok to put them in the coop with our egg laying chickens until then? Should we keep them separated and in their...
  9. 26 x 10 ChickenCoopOutlet Chicken Run

    26 x 10 ChickenCoopOutlet Chicken Run

    This product works great for our 15 chickens who reside in it. It comes with the frame, chicken wire, connector pieces, zip ties, and wire. The instructions are almost non-existent. It took 2 people and 14 hours to build it, mainly because it is very challenging to figure out how to build it...
  10. J

    Hardware Cloth-buying vs. building

    Hi everyone, our family really wants to start with chickens. A local Amish company sells 6x8 coops for $725. When I investigated building my own (4x10) the price quickly got high (close to $700 because of the hardware cloth. I was looking at using about( 3) 25 foot rolls of 19 gauge from the box...
  11. kristin06

    Opinions ideas on these coops/breeding pens?

    Hi everyone! Ok so I have always wanted to build my own coops. Well we have been attempting the past few weeks on making these coops/breeding pens. Only bantam breeds are going in them (english game bantams and frizzle cochins and silkies). So far we have built 3, each one a little different...
  12. RUNuts

    How many Quail coops/cages/aviaries do you keep? And why?

    I've got a backyard with fowl. The chickens are loud and no roosters. Meat bird raising is intense and last year we raised 2 groups, so I'm trying quail this year. I'm keeping quail for meat and as a hobby. The options for a backyard breeder are have some friends to swap genetics with, buy...
  13. bernie131

    Need wisdom building a duck coop

    I here so much about chicken coops but not for ducks. I bought a chicken coop and need to know if I should elevate the housing,..chickens like that but do ducks need to be elevated? Momma duck is kinda thick and about 9yrs old. Also this thing seems flimsy,..what is Important to reinforce,.does...
  14. MOpalB

    Everything Chicken Raffles

    Please come check us out on Facebook! Raffle group for anything poultry! We have eggs, chicks, grow out pens, etc!!! Once we reach 200 members we will have a $200 drawing! We also have free raffles for members every 2 weeks! Hope to see you there! Pick some numbers, take a chance, get some crazy...
  15. A

    coop design help

    hello! i am looking for some help/guidance/ideas on the kind of coop I could build. I have six big chickens and I am not able to free range them so I need a coop and run that is big enough to be there permanent living space. It snows a lot where I live and we also have really hot summers. Please...
  16. Lilly16

    Urban Northern

    Hi Everyone, We have built our own coops in the past, but this time we need something that is less time and labor intensive and has the potential to be moved if need be. We found the site Urban Northern, and the coops have excellent reviews. Does anyone know anything about their product? Thanks!
  17. Dawnclucks22

    Coop Plans?

    We’re moving, and we’re looking for recommendations for a new coop. We have 4 chickens and a bantam, and I’m hoping that *maybe* in a few years we can get a few additions, so preferably with some extra room. Anyone have any plans they could direct me to?
  18. Celticdragonfly

    Coop advice wanted - DFW - prefab vs

    So we are about to get our first 3 chicks. Our area just went legal for backyard chickens a couple years ago - up to 3 hens, no roosters. We're prepping our brooder box and have ordered the chicks we want. And I'm looking at coops. I spent a long time coveting an Eglu, but they're pricey...
  19. R

    New member - old chicken rancher.

    Hi! Pat from Ranch-coop. We are primarily coop makers (my wife and I). This site has always been a source of wisdom and interest to us, and we've recommended BYC to hundreds of our customers. We currently keep around 30 laying hens on 2 acres. Buff Orpingtons, Columbian Rocks, and various older...
  20. Chicken Coop 001

    Chicken Coop 001

    Finished chicken run. Sides and top all covered in chicken wire with entire perimeter below ground lines in hardware cloth to prevent varmints from digging into the coop. It's been 2 years since this was completed and so far no problems. Yay!
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