1. D

    professionals on ducks

    i’m doing a school project on ducks and i’m required to do a interview on the subject. but i don’t know who if interview about ducks really. like i already know all the care and stuff so i don’t think a farmer would be a very good interveiw candidate. who would i interview for a project about ducks
  2. B

    Scared to Stress Him Out

    I have a duck that is injured, and I am new at this, looking for advice and wisdom from my farming family. He has wounds around his neck, and he hasn't cleaned it himself but won't let me clean it either. He is very tame and was raised in the house with a litter of puppies. He is solid white...
  3. DuckDuckPromise

    Please don’t laugh but...

    What on earth is a call duck?! I keep seeing that and have no idea what it means... Is this a breed? A color? A water fowl with Verizon? 🤣🤣🤣 Still learning here! Thanks!
  4. Sprout_Garden

    Anyone have any saxony Khaki campbell crosses

    So this was a shock. On the 9 of Dec i came home to four little ducklings sitting in my ducks nest and well three more hatched later and at that point I had seven and sadly one passed away due to health issues. Then some unknown illness took away three of my little ones and now I have three left...
  5. ducklover1030

    Duck Lonely after companion passed

    Hello! so i got 2 ducks to raise around april of 2021. We were going strong for 9 months until my male duck, Rascal passed away from a sudden sickness. i realized as Rascal started getting sick. My female duck started picking on him more and more and nipping at him about a month before his...
  6. DrVix2021

    Muddy garden!

    Hi there, My beautiful clan, as I expected (!!)… have wrecked the garden. I live in England (wet winter!) and we have a garden that goes around the house. At the front there’s raised grass with two trees (that’s fine). Then on one side they have a pond and flat stones. We have a big driveway...
  7. Puddingtheamericana

    Duckling feed

    I’m getting ducklings and they’re arriving in week and so we’re preparing the brooder and getting supplies, including food. i was going to do chick feed and mix it with brewers yeast but when looking for brewers yeast on amazon i found some duckling starter, perfect! problem is that it’s 22%...
  8. auce99

    Drake picks on just one female

    Hi, all! I'll try to keep this short... after one of my older Runner girls passed last spring, we got three new female ducklings, which we raised separate from the remaining two (a female and a drake) Runners until they were old enough. (All three ducklings were supposed to be Runners, but one...
  9. Flutterbudget

    Bird flu/ Avian Influenza UK/England advice…

    Hi, So it was brought to my attention that bird flu is getting a bit rife again here in the UK and I was wondering wether I keep my ducks in their pen permanently until it all blows over or still let them have some time free ranging. Could someone advise me on what would be best for them? I’d...
  10. Aliamelody

    im back

    idk you remember me and my ducks or not.It have been 3 years.i rehomed my chickens and Adopted two Female ducks i keep Them in seperated pens and They are happy living.i have been learned many things in these three years! now i intruduce again. Hi! Im 19 and im momma of 4 ducks! we live...
  11. EronicaV

    Pet ducks in need of rehoming in 1-2 months (Indiana, 1 male 3 females) willing to travel

    Hello!! I’m looking for a home that has a good female:male ratio, supplies proper nutrition and daily clean swimming/drinking water, has nighttime housing, and a decent sized yard. The owner would keep an eye on the ducks’ health looking for possible health issues. I’m am willing to drive pretty...
  12. prestoconfuoco

    Lighting for duck houses? (not for egg purposes!)

    Hey all. Wondering if anyone has good suggestions for what kind of lights they use in their duck houses. Mine are small -- two 4x3 (I think) dog-house-style structures. The reason I want lighting is actually because I want them to feel comfortable going inside during the day if they want to...
  13. D

    my ducks won't stay inside

    Hello, i have an issue with my ducks. this is my first winter with them and geese. here we get down to -30°C and lower, and have been hovering at that for a fair bit. every other animal stays inside their "homes" Not my Ducks... they are Always outside. and because of that they keep Dying. no...
  14. RachelDawn

    Rescue Duck Getting Beat Up

    Hello! We have an Indian Runner duck we recently rescued with the help of animal control from a local park. She's a sweetheart. Unfortunately our Pekins (6) hate her. We have 5 females, 1 drake. The rescue is a female and is docile and submissive. So far they bully her away from food & water...
  15. MolliMonster99

    Protein treats for ducks?

    I have 6 runner ducks and 5 ISA brown hens, who I spoil very much with small amounts of fresh fruit and veg almost every day. I always check online to make sure that anything I'm planning on letting my flock try is safe for them. Giving them their treats has actually improved my mental health...
  16. The chicken nurd

    What color type are my ducks

    Hey random question I got a pair of Muscovy hens from a friend a few months ago I know Muscovys Come in different varieties but I don’t them very well anyone have any idea what variety my hens are (The third duck in these pictures is my Rouen)
  17. Jelibaen

    Ducks in -40C, duck mum freaking out

    So its the middle of our great Canadian Winter now and its currently sitting at -38C WITHOUT the windchill. Feels like -44C. I have 8 ducks in my 8x12 coop. Lots of thick straw, heated water buckets and a little shrub cover to offer some smaller area for them but man I am freaking out. They are...
  18. Bochama

    Duck not quacking

    Hello everyone. I have 3 beautiful ducks who I got when they were around a week old. A pekin,rouen and black swedish. My pekin and black swedish are one or two days older and started to quack but my rouen still hasn't started to quack. She also has one wing drooping down which I think is called...
  19. Colleen Ray

    Greetings from Oregon

    Hello, I guess introductions are in order first. I didn't set out to become a flock mother. It was thrust upon me by my own live-in parent. But seeing as I do the bulk of the bird care, it seems I need to seek out the advice of other parents of feathered creatures who are much more experienced...
  20. Gearhead846

    Diy chicken and duck grit?

    Hi everybody, I need to know what can I use instead of normal granite chicken grit in an emergency so that I don't have to go the store. Thanks😊
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