1. Waterfowllady

    Wild Duck Enclosure plants/design

    Hi! Im looking into getting some wild duck species in the future, white faced whistling specifically but other species as well, and I was wondering about the construction of a pen for them. For one, how big it should be, two, what materials to use and how to properly protect it from predators...
  2. I

    Questions about Silkie Ducks

    Hi, all! This is my first post here at Backyard Chickens :) I first joined these forums because I wanted as much information as I could find for a mixed flock we’ll be raising in our urban backyard. But right now I wanted to talk about Silkie Ducks! It seems a little too much to hope to...
  3. F

    One of my two ducks died. PLEASE HELP ME

    Hi everyone. I bought two ducks less than a year ago, they were really good friends, very close to each other. One of them had a disease, he died yesterday. The other one is acting weird, he has been quacking all day, almost non stop. I try to spend as much time as I can with him, but I can´t...
  4. R


    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I actually raise ducks. I started this in the fall of 2019. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 6 (3) What breeds do you have? 2 mallards, 2 pekins, 2 buff (4) What are your favorite aspects of raising backyard...
  5. Beani

    2 Pekin Drakes, Vero Beach, Florida

    2 Pekin Drakes need a new home. Hatched in the last week of August 2020, they are now 4 months old. These ducks are sweet boys-raised as pets, and used to free-ranging over several acres and a large pond. They have become aggressive towards chickens since losing their mates to what I suspect is...
  6. G

    Drake Attacking Other Drake. Very worried, please help!

    Hello all, I have been raising 4 Pekins for the past few months. They are my first ducks and I love them. They are my babies. I got 3 back in May of 2020 (2 drakes, 1 female). Sady, the female passed after being born rather weak. I got two more females in September after rescuing them from a...
  7. Littlefrenchyinbigtexas

    Gender and breed?

    Can you help me identify the gender and breed for some of these ducks please? I am mostly concerned about the gender of the big 4 ducks. I hope they are not all males or I would have to separate them from my mallard and blue Swedish. Also if you can tell the gender of the black blue Swedish. I...
  8. N

    Ducklings have lump on foot - bumblefoot or normal?

    My ducklings have been having some balance issues. I recently noticed some small lumps on their "heels". (both ducks are in this picture, these feet are not both the same duck) They are khaki campbell ducklings, a little over two weeks old. I noticed the bump when I first got them (the 25th)...
  9. N

    An Impostor Appears

    Hey there. I'm Nefelibata, but you can use Neffy for brevity's sake. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I actually don't have chickens; I have ducks. (2) How many chickens ducks do you have right now? Two - Slapper and Dollar. (3) What breeds do you have? Both are...
  10. Brooke_R

    Ducks won’t get out of pond at night

    My ducks normally would go to their coup in the evening on their own however lately since they’ve been hanging out in the pond all day, they refuse to go to bed. I try to coax them out of the pond but the won’t get out and I swear they even mess with me by swimming up like they will and then...
  11. paigeber

    PLEASE SIGN! Petition London, Ontario Chicken & Waterfowl Laws

    Hello! I live in London, Ontario, & im hoping if you all have a couple seconds to sign this petition. I am very actively trying to talk with city council to make them amend these laws as the last time this was brought up in 2017, talks of a pilot project never got off...
  12. CaliFarmsAR

    How can I get Mr. Buttons back? Help please!

    Hey y’all, some of you know that I lost my first Muscovy that was given to me at our fair because he was not wanted any more. Anyway his name is Mr. Buttons and I have kept on hoping he would come back soon. Well, I was on my way home from helping out my sister, and in one of our neighbors ponds...
  13. Yonny

    Lot of magpie ducks Kansas City Mo, 64117

    Hi I am looking to sell 8 of my magpie ducks (4 drakes and 4 females) as a lot -$160 The silver/lavender colored one is a drake. (They are free ranged I just penned them to get the pics)
  14. Maddog_photog

    Merry (belated) Christmas!!

    Merry belated Christmas everyone!! I wanna show off the photos I had taken of my flock and I for Holiday cards!! Enjoy, and MERRY CHRISTMAS..! Ho Ho Ho!
  15. 4

    Please help my duck is injured

    I heard my dog barking at the pond and went out and saw nothing, when I went to get my ducks my female Indian runner had her neck tucked back. Then I noticed she had a bite , it has no blood it’s just a little hole . A few weeks ago one of my Peking disappeared without a trace too. Please give...
  16. LaJazzyJeff

    Intro: Duckling Mama in NC

    Hello! I'm Jasmine. I currently have 6 ducks: Nibbles, Molly, Boo, Puddles, Midge, and Cricket! (12/23/2020) I've had ducklings for about a year now. We first got them in April and honestly, we were so inexperienced and the first set of ducklings (Nibbles and Scoot) suffered for it. We didn't...
  17. Duckduck_Guz

    Not coming in for the night

    Hello, this is my first winter with my 15 ducks, couple Pekin, khaki Campbell, random mix of breeds. They have a duck house about 50 yard from our pond. I let them out in the morning and they usually come in at night. The last 4-5 days they have not been coming into the duck house. I have food...
  18. R

    Drake being aggressive to my other drake...

    I have four pekin 2 male 2 female. Everyone gets along just fine and were raised together. Yesterday one of my my drakes was chasing the other drake around almost constant. Grabbing the back of his neck etc. I figured he was showing dominance and he would stop and it seemed towards the end of...
  19. DuckDude II

    Duck Names!!!

    Hello, Everyone! What are some of your favorite duck names? I am planning on getting ducks again in the spring.... some of my favorite names are Marty and Fawn...... Let me know yours! Thanks, DuckDude II
  20. DuckDude II

    Pallet Duck Coop Designs!

    Hello, everyone! I am in the process of getting ducks, and also of building a duck coop. I am looking for plans/ideas/blueprints for the coop. While searching the web for ideas, I came across the pallet coop idea. I thought this was great! While being sturdy, and easy to find, they are also...
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