1. OutbackQuackers

    Curled foot - pls help

    Male call duck hops around on one foot while his other is curled up. His eyes are also watering, making his face crusty. It started a week ago and at first, I thought it was bumblefoot but now I'm not so sure. I've been soaking his foot in salt water every day for the past week and it hasn't...
  2. matsechler

    Male or female??

    Can anyone help me with sexing these three ducks? We got them the 26 of Aug. We thought by sound the grey and white ones were female but not starting to wonder. Any help thanks
  3. R

    Need help quick! Duck shaking and unresponsive unsure if she swallowed water!!

    I have 2 Cayuga ducks about a year old and they’re molting, I’m stupid for this and can’t stop blaming myself but I didn’t cover their pool and I went outside to shut them up in their coop and found my sweet girl Colby in the water. I pulled her out but she was soaked to the bone, I’m thinking...
  4. Papaye

    Converting an Eglu Cube ("Omlet") for DUCKS

    Hi! So... for the time being, I own 11 Indian Runner ducks... I was actually going to keep 8 only until next spring : 2 drakes, and 6 ducks... But I have to keep a third drake, because he was already so shiny in his juvenile feathers my mother fell in love with him... (I understand her : I...
  5. F

    Runner ducks + eggs + winter

    Hello duck owners - I have three female runners that are a few days away from 20 weeks old, so seemingly on the cusp of being in the egg-laying age range. However, it’s also almost December and we are in western VA so it’s chilly and obviously days are getting quite short. Has anyone experienced...
  6. thoeffel1994

    Blow torch on ducks small pin feathers?

    I'm processing some ducks and didn't do the waxing method like I had in the past. Is it true that I can take a blow torch to the skin and it will burn all the tiny pin feathers. My birds have a lot of small tiny feather under the skin only slightly poking out.
  7. C

    Duck Conformation

    Hi Everyone! Out of all my ducks I have three Golden Cascade Ducks. I am wondering if there is a problem with one of them... It seems like she has a different conformation from the other two. I have added a few pictures. One is my Drake Two is my "regular" looking female Three is the female...
  8. Lauren84

    Ducks beak faded to pale colour

    Hello, My 6 month old Indian Runner Custard’s beak has become very pale over the last few weeks. It used to be a really bright orange colour, now its almost white at the end, she also has some dark spots that have come up on her beak. Custard has started laying over the past few months and is...
  9. CaptainCrossthread

    Geese, Ducks, and Roos

    I have a question about mixing a flock and also what to expect from a roo (or two). Currently, we have 2 Embden geese (f). We also have 2 mallard drakes and a Rouen female, which wasn't intentional or ideal. We are going to expand next year. Flock size, pen, and water pools/pond. 2 more geese...
  10. ElGoose

    Adding brahma roosters and Muscovy ducks to my goose flock?

    My first post outside of the goose forum! So this week we will be taking on some new birds, we are getting one adult brahma male and 2 younger males plus 4 young Muscovy ducks. We have only ever handled geese before so this will be very new to us! Any advice is incredibly welcome. We don’t...
  11. Fangeddeer

    Is it animal stealing season?

    When I tell you it started with a whole family repeatedly trying to steal my drake because they thought I stole their fully grown drake but I actually raised and bought the duck.. now my goats.. Two no good punks cussed me out and yelled at me for the simple fact my goats got tangled up in...
  12. Ronnie_

    Winterizing Coop and Enclosure Tips

    Hi all, After of first hard frost in zone 6B I’m adding some items to help winterize. Has anyone used foam board insulation inside coops before? My duck house is constructed of OSB walls and 2x4 framing. I was thinking of attaching (mostly screwing into fames) foam boards to help keep in the...
  13. DovesFlock

    Are my Pekín ducks Both males?

    I have two Pekín ducks. Sunny (darker bill) and Toothless (lighter bill) Tootless seems more like a female to sunny except when it comes to drake curl. Toothless has a somewhat loud raspy quack Very shy and soft compared to sunny. Always has had a light colored bill (it as pink as a baby) And...
  14. ChickensInMA

    New Member, Long-Time Reader

    Hi, everyone! After years and years of being a reader of BYC, I've decided to create an account! This place is a wealth of information for both new and old chicken keepers alike. I am not new to raising chickens, but have been raising them for about eight years. Our enclosures and how we've...
  15. S

    Injured duck with elbow issue

    I took in an injured duck someone got off the road because Audubon isn't taking them right now. She's a northern shovler, looks full grown. No visible injuries so my best guess is her mate got hit and she was hanging around near the site. However, she's been quiet and doesn't even try to fly...
  16. S

    Nebulizing ducks with F10 for virus- urgent! Any and all help appreciated!

    Our flock of 4 ducks was taken down to 3 this morning. Our sweet welsh harlequin Moa seemingly succumbed to duck viral enteritis (DVE). I'm super worried about my other 3 ducks as they share all the same water and food, and DVE is contagious. Although google says there is no cure for DVE once...
  17. Stipenvlerk

    Who else enjoys time with their flock?

    Recently I thought it will be good to share some duck video material i have / make with the world and I set up a youtube account. I hope you feel free to post pictures (And even better video's) of yourself feeding your feathered friends too💛 Please do share your own youtube channel when you...
  18. DovesFlock

    Show me your flock(and I’ll show you mine)

    I have a total of 21 chickens and 3 ducks As well as two chicks and some eggs incubating. Here’s all of my feathered babies and their names! (Two are unnamed so names are welcomed as well) Feel free to drop pics and names of your flock as well! This is Holly Peño a RIR and has two eggs in...
  19. S

    Duckling showing some problems but I don't know what kind?

    I have a few ducklings that we've hatched that are about 3-4 weeks old now, but one of them doesn't quite behave like the others and I'm not sure how concerned I should be- For some backstory this duckling did have a little trouble during hatch where it tired out in the egg for too long after...
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