1. greenthebean

    Geese aggressive depending on the color of our shirts

    A few months ago my partner decided to get 2 geese, male and female Grey geese. I'm not a big fan of geese but he wanted them. They were friendly at first and I made sure to bring them treats. But after a few months, they became quite aggressive. I stopped going back to their area and left it up...
  2. A


    Hi, I’m doing some research into geese behaviour and was wondering if anyone on here wouldn’t mind answering a few questions? This is a paper on bird to human bonds and if it’s possible for a goose to be without other birds around and still thrive. how long do geese stay imprinted on a human...
  3. HorsesRMe123

    Goose Beak Bleeding From Injury

    So earlier today this morning I went to feed my geese and chickens. I opened the goose coop and grabbed their food dish and when I went to close the door, my gander (Oliver) came up to tell me I needed to leave (because he can be aggressive as you all know geese are). He peaked his head out and...
  4. benevolent_leonela

    Pleased to be here

    Hello everyone, I have always referenced BYC for my chicken questions and I finally decided to make an account. I have become quite the poultry enthusiast since beginning my flock this past spring! And I found it appropriate to share it with others who also enjoy chickens, geese, ducks etc. I...
  5. Marcus and Tyrion

    Marcus and Tyrion

    Marcus and Tyrion playing with my cell
  6. Marcus and Tyrion

    Marcus and Tyrion

  7. Pumpkin testing

    Pumpkin testing

    Marcus and Tyrion seeing if the pumpkin is food
  8. HorsesRMe123

    I Think My Geese Were Breeding...’s the end of November and it’s slowly getting colder. I would think geese mating isn’t a thing this time a year and my geese are still young, only 6 months old. I have a little kitty pool and about each day I here my gander almost do a distress call sound, almost as if he’s being killed...
  9. Gerby26

    Goose with clicking sound when she walks

    I noticed my goose's foot is making a clicking noise every time she takes a step, should I be concerned she is 4-5 months old and she walks fine other then the noise with every step.
  10. amynw

    Squeaking sick goose????

    Hello everyone. We have 3 pet geese, and recently I kept hearing a squeak every so often. Sounded just like a squeaky toy noise. I finally figured out today where the noise was coming from, one of my male geese. I watched him for around an hour. He still honks like the others, but will...
  11. M

    Geese aggressiveness questions

    Hi, I have some Chinese geese and they were handled a lot and brought up around my dogs since they were 3 days old and started chasing my dogs away and biting them since they were only a week old. They were brought up around them and are now 2 months old and bite my dogs and make them yelp so I...
  12. JamieMcClain

    Ice melt and chickens?

    I’m preparing for winter. My chickens and ducks don’t have an enclosed run. They have our 2 acre fenced in yard to share with my pig, cats, and dogs and their 10x10ft insulated shed they get locked in at night. However most of the time they like to hang out on our concrete patio under our deck...
  13. HorsesRMe123

    Male and Female White Chinese Goose?

    I have two 18, almost 19 week old White Chinese geese. I believe we have one female and one male. Daisy (the one we believe to be female) is 8.6 pounds and has a much smaller knob than Oliver (the one we believe to be male). Daisy has a quick, lower pitched honk. Oliver is 9.8 pounds and has a...
  14. C

    Goose sudden illness/ seizure help

    I have 7 four month old African geese. Today one goose suddenly started to have neck spasms and twisting. She stopped before I could reach her, as they are free range, and walked off normally. She just did it again while I was changing their waters. So I was able to get a better look. She lays...
  15. S

    Oral injury in toulouse goose

    I noticed some swelling under my goose's chin today so I checked out her mouth to make sure she didn't eat anything ridiculous, like they do, and what I found was odd. It almost looks like the fleshy bit under the tongue (lingual frenulum) was torn and is possibly infected? I don't have a lot of...
  16. Bird_Lover_17

    Poll: do you feed pellets or crumble?

    Hi! So I was reading some threads about problems with crumble and problems with pellet feed. Personally, I think it depends on the brand. Please vote and type what feed brand you use.
  17. Ducks and geese7

    Help! Goose keeps falling over.

    Hello. I need help with my adopted gander Gus. The last post I made I believe he was getting dizzy and thats the reason for him falling over. Now I think it is somthing more, possibly a seizure. Yesterday he was cleaning his feathers and he started walking backwards and fell over again. He is...
  18. Bird_Lover_17

    Can different species of birds live together?

    Hi! So I am wondering if different species of birds can live toegher. Ie. Turkeys with chickens (or any other mix, that was just an example) I'm just curious since I can incorporate it into my barn plans and it will help me save space! **I don't intend to put quail/chukars/pheasants with...
  19. GoldenEggFarmstead

    New to BackYard Chickens

    Hi Everyone! Although I have been a poultry owner for years, I have yet to register and post on any threads on BackYard Chickens. This will be my first! :) My family owns a micro farmstead in Orangevale, CA. I have owned chickens my entire life and just love their personalities. We currently...
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