1. Thanksmardell

    Looking for American Buff Geese in Western Washington

    Hello, I lost 2 of my beloved American Buffs to a predator yesterday. I am so very sad. Looking now for a partner or a couple in Western Washington for my remaining girl. Can anyone help? Best Regards, Tami
  2. cityfarmer12

    Is it dangerous to let ducks swim in water runoff?

    Hello everyone! I have a small flock of 5 ducks that are currently penned up near the house in a chicken tractor. This winter, I am working on fencing off the back half of the property (about half an acre) to give the livestock (ducks, chickens, turkeys and hopefully goats) more room to...
  3. S

    Combined Duck/Geese Coop Ideas Needed

    I'm looking for ideas on coop/run design for a "larger" combined flock of ducks and geese. We are looking to get 10 Indian Runner ducks, 1 Cayuga, 1 Rouen, and 2 Pilgrim geese at the beginning of June. Right now we're in the planning stage, and are needing to build a new coop and run to house...
  4. servpolice

    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    So, I was waiting for someone to make this thread but I got a suprise this morning on the 1st of January 2020 which forced me to start the 2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long :) I've never had a goose egg this early and everyone here is suprised but yet again not suprised because the mating, fighting and...
  5. Table4Six

    Brown Chinese or African?

    Yesterday I picked up three female geese for my sixth month old African gander. The people I bought them from said they did not know what breeds they were and were just helping a friend sell them. I thought two of the females were Africans but when I got them home and compared them to my gander...
  6. bdfive

    Black Australian Swan

    I have a healthy 4 year old male Black Australian swan that needs a mate. Do you have a mature female available, reasonably priced? Also open to giving up Gunther to a good forever home where he would be with a female. Price negotiable. Won't ship him so must be within driving distance of San...
  7. DiYMama540

    Store bought greens

    Morning friends! Grass here is pretty much gone for the season, so it's time for me to start supplenting some greens for the geese and ducks. Other than romaine, what are some of the other greens your birds enjoy??
  8. A

    Sickly geese

    I’ve had two ganders for about four years now and they’re great. But this summer they started looking off. They are super underweight and their beaks turn white. For the beaks I assumed it was calcium and added powder to their corn. Which helped but sometimes they still go white. I’ve given...
  9. Linniex

    Glinda goose can’t stand up suddenlyI found a recipe for probiotics online and I’ve been feeding her

    Hi there, I checked a lot of the threads before posting this one. A lot of people don’t seem to follow up once they figure out what the issue is so I figured I’d start a new thread about my goose. A few days ago I noticed my four-year-old white rescue American buffet goose cannot seem to stand...
  10. T

    Need help to sex my pomeranian geese

    Hello! First time goose wrangler here, and I have 9 Pomeranian geese that are now 5 months old. Here in indiana there seems to be a goose shortage, so I’d like to try breeding these guys in the spring, but I’m having a heck of a time sorting out which are males/females to start planning out my...
  11. S

    Fowl Arrangement Question (Ducks+Geese)

    All right, so before the weather drops TOO much more, I absolutely need to get a better home built for my ducks and geese. However, I'm somewhat hesitant because I'm not sure how I want them homed. For some context: 5 drakes, have been on the ranch at least 7+ years 8 hens, raised over this...
  12. geeseareprettycool

    I'm doing a project on geese in school and I need to know stuff about owning Canadas.

    In language arts i'm doing an essay on geese and one of my paragraphs is about owning geese, specifically Canadas. I live in Ohio and when I search if its legal to own Canada geese in Ohio I don't get the answers I need. Is anyone able to tell me if its legal to own Canada geese in Ohio and if...
  13. Table4Six

    American Buff or Buff Dewlap Toulouse?

    I have 4 month old gander who I got from a breeder, but she said wasn’t sure if the egg was from her American Buffs or Buff Dewlap Toulouse(only two possibilities). I’ve been leaning toward Toulouse ever since I got him but now I’m not so sure. Any second opinions would be much appreciated...
  14. T

    Coop and Run for Turkey and Chicken

    We have about 10 chickens in an 8x8 coop right now and would like to add 2 turkeys to the mix. Is that a big enough coop? Also the run will be about 40x48. We also have 2 geese and 4 ducks that share the run but have their own house. But the ducks and geese get let out in the goat pen when there...
  15. G

    Supposedly yellow eyelid looking red

    As in the photo, the upper eyelid of the left eye looks red. The same goes to the other eye except that it's not as red as on the side in the photo. Is there anything wrong? What should I do?
  16. NutrientDensePermaculture


    my wife and I recently bought 6 acres and immediately acquired ostriches, geese, ducks, guinea's and of course chickens. organic/sustainable permaculture is the name of the game! I am excited to banter with like minded people for better homesteads all around!
  17. V

    What breed are these geese?

    I know they are a pair can you helpme tell the gender and the breed? I like by a lake and these people didnt want them so they through them out theyve been all the way other side of the lake and it took a while cause they were super frightened but they love there other new goose friend and it’s...
  18. TheCrazyBirdGuy

    Striations / striping of goose feathers

    I feel like sometime a while back I read somewhere on this forum about striations on bird feathers possibly being health indicators. A goose i care for, Flip-Flop, (mix Embden and Chinese) started getting these on a few of his feathers. It could just be damage from interacting with the other...
  19. C

    Need Help With Goose Identification

    I have three geese that were sold to me as pilgrim geese, they are one year old now. I am sure this one if female and seems like a pilgrim goose. And this one male as he is larger than the other two and has been observed mating with the grey female, but it is mostly white with brown/grey...
  20. DiYMama540

    Cotton Patch Geese

    Anyone have experience with cotton patch geese? I've found a breeder that is about 2 hrs from me, and honestly the heritage breed conservation intrigues me. I'm considering getting a pair and seeing how it goes. Wondering about their general temperament and noise level? I do have neighbors...