1. G

    Gosling with hyperextended hock- bending wrong way.

    Hey guys- I have about a 4-5wk old gosling that had what we thought was a niacin deficiency. We have her in a b complex as well as vitamin r and selenium. We now know there’s more to it. She started with her leg laying behind her constant my and bearing no weight but now after 2 weeks of. O...
  2. TurGoosen

    HELP!? Gosling with a swollen stomach

    I have a pair of goslings around a week and a half old. One is very large, constantly running around and eating. The other about half its size and seems sluggish and unsteady on its feet in comparison with what seems to me to be a visibly swollen stomach which is hard to the touch. Both are...
  3. KathiQuacks

    Welp, It’s Official - I’m Getting Goslings!

    Yesterday, I placed an order for 2 goslings from Metzer Farms! I decided on getting 2 females; 1 Buff, 1 African. I might even look for an adult gander in the future, assuming these 2 are good. They’re set to ship out June 17th. This is my first time ordering from Metzer, so I’m quite nervous...
  4. R

    What is this????? Goose poop not normal!!!

    My gosling pooped this and it was hard and rubbery and weird she’s completely normal is this some kind of compact food? It was like layered and look like food inside never seen this before and I’m just curious. No blood just this and watery poop
  5. C

    Advise on my Embden goose breathing heavy…

    Hi, first time posting. I have 2 twelve year old geese, Carmen(beige)and Maria(gray) Carmen has been showing signs of labored breathing only while lying down. She is heavier than Maria who is a Toulouse and also blind. We live in Florida so I think the heat gets to her like the rest of us. They...
  6. BirdWrangler

    Week old goslings together with three week old goslings?

    Hey y’all, I have 4 three week old goslings, and was wondering if you can keep week olds with them or if they might get injured. Any feedback is appreciated!
  7. T

    Advice on breeds of various poultry

    This seemed like the best place for this, but if there is a better one, Mods feel free to move it :) I am looking to create a mixed poultry flock (for eggs, meat, and fat) for a (future) homestead, and I wanted to get first-hand experience and/or research tips from y'all on species and breeds...
  8. A

    Sebastopol Goslings need homes.

    Hi. I have four 4 week old male Sebastopol goslings that need homes. I'm in Hollister California (Central Coast). They are extras from a setting of nine eggs I had shipped from across the country. ALL NINE HATCHED. So we are keeping five and have the extras available for re-homing. They are DNA...
  9. M

    Niacin Deficiency in Baby Geese

    Hey everyone, I ordered two baby geese, and they arrived today (less than 48 hours delivery) and one of them has bowed legs and curved feet-there was a great post on the duck forum about niacin deficiency that pictured the same foot curving. I called the hatchery before I found that and they had...
  10. C

    Hi Everyone! -RomanGeese

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased five Roman Tufted geese. The one baby left “knee” looks swollen and it wobbles when it walks as it cannot fully put its I was told to put a makeshift splint on it and give vitamins daily. Just wanted to know if anyone else had something similar and what else I...
  11. T

    How long will my goose sit on eggs if they don’t hatch?

    I have a goose sitting on 8 of her own eggs, I don’t know how long she’s been sitting on them but I think they’re overdue. I candled them, sniffed them, and did a float test. I removed 3 eggs I know for sure are dead and put the others back. Will a goose continue to sit on her eggs if they are...
  12. Just Rosie

    Are geese right for me?

    I want to start by saying this idea is in its very early stages. I am not married to the idea of getting geese, but I am interested. I have chickens currently, and have raised ducks in the past. I found the ducks to be incredibly messy, mainly due to their water source, but otherwise, great...
  13. ElGoose

    Ganders fighting over me!

    I have a small flock of 4 geese currently two ganders and 2 females which all usually get along fine. 2 of those 4 we raised from eggs (boy and a girl) and both are very affectionate toward me however now that it’s becoming broody season my girl (Polly) is getting more timid around me and my boy...
  14. H

    Will My Geese Sit their Eggs or Not?

    Hi! This is my first post on BYC. I have a small flock of geese with 1 pilgrim male, 1 pilgrim female, 3 Chinese males, 1 Chinese female, and an old Dewlap Toulouse - not sure if it’s male or female. Our geese have started laying, we get 1-2 eggs a day. When they first started, they would lay...
  15. KathiQuacks

    Potential first-time goose owner! Does my plan sound good, and other questions.

    Hello goose-side of BYC! :frow I’ve been on the duck-side for around 2 years now, and recently I’ve considering expanding my flock to have geese as well. At the moment, I have 3 adult ducks - 1 boy, 2 girls - as well as 10 unsexed ducklings. By the time the ducklings are grown, I’m hoping I’ll...
  16. M

    Drakes bullying my goose

    I have two drakes that are gentle & friendly to my ducks, but have decided to pick on one of my geese. The goose (Chinese/Greylag mix) is kinda timid and doesn’t realize she can fight back. I always tell her “whoop their asses, Lucy!” but no luck 😂 I think I might have to rehome one of the...
  17. A

    Wing Droop Dance?

    Does anyone know what this behavior is called? (Video link to YouTube at bottom) I'm trying to do more research on it but I dont know what to look up. Their wings drop up and down, usually alternating each side. They've done it while grooming, almost like it is a compulsion. Most of our flock...
  18. ElGoose

    Opinion on letting my geese roam a little outside of our garden?

    So ever since they were young, my two bonded geese have had a lot of contact with the land around our garden including the canal and river. They are both very well behaved and come back when called - they are also both very healthy and have never shown signs of disease, the most we’ve had is...
  19. L

    Normal Growth Rates for Pilgrim Geese

    I have two 10 week old geese, unsexed. I would like to know what normal growth rates are for them. Background: Same dad, probably different mothers. They were sold to me as pilgrim geese, I don't know how accurate that is because the seller's flock was not colour true and she inherited the...
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