1. KyotiMoon95

    Duck / Goose House Ventilation Question

    Hello everyone, I've been a long time lurker on BYC, and have finally gotten my ducklings and goslings. My nine Welsh Harlequin ducklings are almost three weeks old, while my five Pilgrim goslings are four days old. They're all currently living in two sectioned off areas of my enclosed porch...
  2. P

    Male goose pulling female’s feathers.

    We have a set of 6 weeks old Embden geese (male and female) Recently When the female bathes in the pool they have, the male comes over and picks a mouthful of feathers of the female and eats them. He only does this when she is in water. She obviously does not like it. Thoughts?
  3. N

    Do Geese need a pool or not? + other Geese care questions.

    Yesterday me and my family went out to do some errands and while we were out bought 2 goslings from are local farm store to be guardians for are chickens (we believe they are Chinese Geese). I noticed they had webbed feet while handling them earlier. So just researching how to care for them and...
  4. 907poultry

    Moldy Feed In Compost Pile- Will they die of botulism?

    Disposed of a bag of moldy food in my compost pile, my spring babies got into it and ate the feed. The bag was left in wet and cold being peed on by dogs all winter, friend brought it over after they lost their ducks, but I told them it was useless after sitting like that for that amount of...
  5. H

    Book of Geese by Dave Holderread

    does any one know if The Book of Geese by Dave Holderread talks about guard geese
  6. A

    Goslings with slightly older chicks

    Hi, We currently have 9 chicks (a mixture of egg-laying breeds) who are about 4 1/2 weeks old in a brooder in our garage. Last week we got two goslings, and they are set up in a brooder right next to the chicks. We intend at least one of the geese to be a guard goose for the chickens (we also...
  7. Fowl Papa

    Fowl Papa

  8. Ozarkhomesteader

    Help! Mama goose not taking care of eggs/babies day 33

    Ok, so I have a beautiful African goose named Nakira. She has been dutifully sitting on a clutch of 13 for about 33 days. At around day 21 a rouge chicken egg hatched and i found the poor chick dead in the nest. Then, about a week ago we had a rotten egg explosion. I cleaned up as best i...
  9. Nadilli

    Anyone want to team up for an order?

    Greetings fellow feathered children parents!! Would anyone be so kind as to team up with me for an order? To place and order, it needs to be 10 or more babies total, but I just want 2 female fawn and white indian runners, would anyone be willing to order 8 or more with me? They do not need to...
  10. Knightlight

    Stumbling Goose

    2 year old roman tufted gander. Had been fine up until a few weeks ago. Started crouching as close to the ground as possible without sitting down and stomping his feet as fast as possible, not running, just stomping. Then would wander off like that. Has started standing up like a runner duck...
  11. JoserMum

    Broody Goose safety suggestions?

    I have three Toulouse, two geese and one gander. My sweet goose, Pumpkin, made a beautiful nest under our deck this past week. She kind of made it and then ignored it until the past couple days. We went out this evening to put her to bed (which is a fenced area, with a covered wagon. Our ducks...
  12. Blueroanpainted

    Sebustol goose fertility

    I am looking at buying a mated pair of sebustol geese for $200. She says she's had them since 2021, and this is their first breeding season with her. Her other pairs are giving fertile eggs, but these are not she mentioned that the males could have had a prolapsed appendage and could maybe not...
  13. M

    Rough geese

    I have two female French Toulouse geese. They are almost a year old and have been laying eggs for about a 6 weeks now. They are always trying to mate with each other. One is ripping all the feathers off of the other's head and her head is in rough shape. But they also seem to be trying to mate...
  14. S

    Geese hate their house!

    Hello! Meet Gus & Gil our almost one year old pilgrim ganders. My boyfriend built them a wonderful house that they absolutely hate. He even insulated it so they would be nice and warm in the winter. They spend their days free ranging on our land and they are the funniest to watch. We have an...
  15. ThatChickenLady708

    War or peace between new chickens...?

    I have 15-18 chickens in a coop. Eight are mature hens, three are mature roosters & the other seven are chicks (sex tbd). These are all bantam sized chickens. We are looking in to building an actual poultry barn soon that would be able to house LOADS of all sorts of birds! I would love to throw...
  16. DuckDuckJuice

    Need Help In Odell, Oregon

    Someone posted these poor guys on Reddit yesterday. She said they are all living on a local pond in Odell, Oregon. She has room to try and take in one or two of them and is going to try and get the Welsh Harlequin tomorrow, as it seems to be injured. She’s contacted local rescues and animal...
  17. IMG_0221Gooseflower.jpg


  18. AGeese

    Tula / Steinbacher (Fighting) Goose Crosses

    Anyone out there know of any Tula or Steinbacher crosses? I'm pretty sure I've seen a Tula-cross somewhere online although no clue as to the actual lineage or accuracy of what I saw. May have been a Tula-African. I would think Steinbacher crosses would be a bit more common, but I've only found a...
  19. E

    Avian flu in Geese

    Hi all, so I took my little Joey (Embden x something goose) to the vet who suggested avian flu or something viral might be what's wrong with him. Does anyone have any experience with avian flu in geese? My goose has some symptoms, but not symptoms that I would think are common. He hasn't been...
  20. E

    Can Geese Not Have Zinc At All?

    Should geese not have any Zinc?
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