1. C

    Need Help With Goose Identification

    I have three geese that were sold to me as pilgrim geese, they are one year old now. I am sure this one if female and seems like a pilgrim goose. And this one male as he is larger than the other two and has been observed mating with the grey female, but it is mostly white with brown/grey...
  2. DiYMama540

    Cotton Patch Geese

    Anyone have experience with cotton patch geese? I've found a breeder that is about 2 hrs from me, and honestly the heritage breed conservation intrigues me. I'm considering getting a pair and seeing how it goes. Wondering about their general temperament and noise level? I do have neighbors...
  3. NEgoosegirl

    Geese carrying disease? Advice, please.

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for any advice that I can get. I have two female Sebastopols, one 5 yrs. old, one 1 yr. old. Their mate (5 yrs. old), died three months ago from a sudden illness that lasted only 2 days. The younger female showed similar symptoms a couple weeks or so before the gander...
  4. S

    Lonely Goose

    So, I’ve had an incident where a raccoon got two out of three of my geese, which leaves me with one male. Ever since then, whenever I try to let him out of his cage by the lake side and go back home, he follows me all the way there honking the whole time. He used to do this with his flock as...
  5. S

    EMERGENCY!! Geese killed by beaver or raccoon, Lone geese

    Last night I had my two female geese unfortunately get killed by possibly a raccoon or a beaver, through the fence gate of the cage. I still have one make geese left and I don’t know what to do with him, and I’m afraid that he might get killed as well, and/or suffer from any other lack company...
  6. E

    American buff geese

    I recently purchased 2 American buff females from craigslist. I have them about a week they have gotten a little used to me but still hiss when I come near by and are constantly trying to escape their fenced in area should i be worried they would run away if i let then range with my chickens...
  7. Kalsti

    Travel with Flightless Geese and Duck

    We wondered if anyone has shipped flightless geese and a duck via airlines? We rescued these sweeties and have found a new wonderful ranch but it is in the next state over. To fly them there it will be an hour long flight. Can anyone advise us on shipping these birds? Is it recommended or has...
  8. S

    Moving Geese from Pond to Lake Side

    Hello! I have three geese that we’re trying to move from a small pond and keep by a lakeside, but they keep trying to return to the pond. They get nervous a lot around the lake side, they start shaking a lot, but they seem to do ok whenever someone is with them. At night, we try to keep them in...
  9. DiYMama540

    Calling all free rangers!! Severe thunderstorm!!

    Most of this post will be directed to others that choose to free range, as I'm assuming birds in the coop are safe from this sort of thing. I know there are multiple risks associated with free ranging, and this is just one of the many, but letting my girls roam for the day is what makes me...
  10. DuckFrenzy247

    Geese in Texas!

    Hey y’all! I’m right out of San Antonio and am looking for goslings to raise! Please help!
  11. DuckFrenzy247

    Goslings or Geese eggs

    Hey y’all! I’m looking for some goslings or goose eggs! I live in Texas near San Antonio. Please send suggestions!
  12. T

    Sticking my toe in the water

    we are buying a new home in PA am interested in raising a few geese. I’ve read a lot but would like to have some interaction with people experienced with having these pets. Want to learn all I can before maki g decision. Pens, feeding, how to ha doe vacations everything! Thanks for welcoming me...
  13. MOpalB

    Everything Chicken Raffles

    Please come check us out on Facebook! Raffle group for anything poultry! We have eggs, chicks, grow out pens, etc!!! Once we reach 200 members we will have a $200 drawing! We also have free raffles for members every 2 weeks! Hope to see you there! Pick some numbers, take a chance, get some crazy...
  14. Playford Flats Farm

    Introducing geese & goslings

    A few months ago I bought four goslings after doing extensive research and I love them. Two Romans and Two Pomeranians. They’re about 3.5 months now, and I’ve been offered two more goslings, which are Chinese. They’re about 1.5-2 months old. I’ll be picking them up in a week, and I was...
  15. Table4Six

    Gosling - Labored Breathing

    I had a White Chinese gosling hatch July 1. It was the only good egg out of the clutch so I immediately began looking for another gosling around the same age to keep it company. I picked up an African gosling a couple days ago(Chinese is one week old, African is two weeks old) and fortunately...
  16. LothalRebel

    Pictures of our gorgeous goose. (Or gander)

    Pictures of our gorgeous goose or gander, Gussie. There is a poll on what name you think is best.
  17. LothalRebel

    Gender of my goose: goose or gander

    We have a goose and I would like to know if anybody can identify the breed and gender? Her name is Gussie.
  18. Playford Flats Farm

    Amount of Geese vs Ganders

    I’m new to geese this year, and I’m used to chickens. I have three breeds, Roman Tufted, Pomeranian Saddlebacks and Brown Chinese. I have two of each breed, and I believe one female of each and one male of each. That puts me at three geese and three ganders. With chickens, that ratio is way...
  19. Goose-Willis

    Mixed Breed Goslings Parentage:

    Hey all! I am trying to deduce the parentage of my mixed breed goslings. I know there are several quality threads on color genetics on geese but I’ve found it difficult to isolate the information that directly pertains to my situation. The individual I purchased my goslings from had a...
  20. FlomatonsFlocks

    Embden Geese? The lady said...

    What breed, sex, and what can I use them for on my homestead? New to geese...
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