1. G

    Having no chicken but 3 geese

    (1) Are you new to chickens/geese / when did you first get chickens/geese? Chickens: Yes / N/A Geese: Yes / 4-5 weeks ago (2) How many chickens/geese do you have right now? Chickens: 0 Geese: 3 (3) What breeds do you have? 1 African goose and 2 Grey Back geese (4) What are your favorite aspects...
  2. LooperFarm

    Goose With Wry Neck!! HELP!

    Hey all. Yesterday I went out to feed my goose and noticed that she was stumbling around as if drunk. Once I caught her, I noticed two small puncture wounds on her chest. She is unable to keep her balance and often falls over. She refused to lay down at all the first day and continued to crash...
  3. graham67

    French Toulouse geese

    Hello My names Graham I had 3 french Toulouse geese but unfortunately 2 days ago I lost one of my females. I normally lock the birds away at night for safety but the bird I lost refused to get off her nest and even when I attempted to persuade her to move she seemed a little off her legs so...
  4. Moosplace

    Pilgrim Geese

    does anyone in Texas sale pilgrim geese?????
  5. Sapphire Valeran

    (New Goose Owner) My Two Female Geese Have Gone Broody. HELP!!!

    Hello! I have three American Buff Geese, two females and a male. The females just went broody and there are 23 eggs under them. I know for sure that one of them (Lola) went broody, but I'm not sure about the other one (Lillith) yet. They have two nests, but they are smushed together. I've been...
  6. Neese.birdlover

    Happy Homestead package Purely Poultry

    I will be receiving my Happy Homestead package (expected) on the 7th of may. I am curious if anyone else has got this package and what kind of variety they received!
  7. house.of.ducks

    Please help!! I think my goslings have pasty butt or are sick??

    I have two 4 day old chinese goslings. They seem to be healthy and act normally (in my opinion) and to be happy. This is my first time with goslings and i’m terrified that something will happen to them. Earlier today i noticed some poop hanging out of one of them so i gave them both a bath and...
  8. Vicky22

    Help!! Day 31, no hatching

    This is the first year that our momma Goose has fertile eggs. We are now day 31 and still no goslings hatched. On day 29 I saw a little one moving in the egg while candling and it looked like it internal pipped. But still nothing to see. On day 26 we found a dead gosling in the nest and took it...
  9. Vicky22

    Day 31, no goslings hatched. Help!

    Hello, This is the first year that our momma Goose has fertile eggs. We are now day 31 and still no goslings hatched. On day 29 I saw a little one moving in the egg while candling and it looked like it internal pipped. But still nothing to see. On day 26 we found a dead gosling in the nest and...
  10. house.of.ducks

    advice for first time gosling owner?

    I haven’t been on BYC for awhile now, but I figured that since I have two Chinese goslings arriving this week (hopefully anyways, my order has already been delayed twice due to problems at the hatchery, first low egg production and then some sort of quarantine. I ordered from Metzer Farms as...
  11. SunriseChickers

    Weeder Geese

    My family has been thinking about getting some weeder geese, just to have for the summer then invite them in for dinner. So naturally, I have questions. Which is best, male or female? Do they smell much? Do they poop as much as ducks? Can they live without actual feed if they are in the garden...
  12. Squeak61

    Goose beak issue

    I am so confused on what’s wrong with my gander’s beak. I’m thinking maybe a possible nutrient deficiency or injury? He currently eats a mix of oats, cracked corn, and flock raiser feed, and then grass whenever he’s out grazing. His beak is crusty and brown in certain spots, almost like he has a...
  13. HereChickies

    Gender and sexing questions..

    Hello all! I rescue animals who need a good home and today I picked up 2 geese. I was told they were Pilgrim Geese. After picking them up I quickly realized they were not pilgrim geese but what I believe to be African Geese. Can anyone give me some insight of what they might be as to breed and...
  14. C

    Questions about possible lice treatment.

    Hello everyone, I believe my birds may have lice. At first I thought maybe they were just picking on each other since some were missing feathers. Now the chickens are missing more feathers on their back towards the tail and under their vents. It seems like they are picking at each other under...
  15. Phillisy

    Sebastopol Breeder in Canada?

    I finally have room to get myself the Sebastopols I have been wanting for years! :celebrate Unfortunately it seems there are quite the waiting lists from most hatcheries, and the quality standard isn't the same as what is found from most breeders, so I'm on the hunt. I'm either looking for 3-5...
  16. Englishable

    Sitting on dirty eggs?

    Our female goose decided to sit on her nest before we had a chance to really clean the coop/bedding and her nest is right under the chickens' roosts I told my husband to kick her off but he thought she'd be ok and left her. It's been almost a week and today when he checked on her, he said it...
  17. F

    Hateful geese

    Ok spring is in full swing of things here. My trio of Toulouse geese have always been a little grumpy towards other members and animals on our flock. Nothing I didn’t expect. Yet, never really thought it through with spring time and including them while everyone else hatch’s and sits and does...
  18. Squeak61

    New goose!

    I finally found a goose! I’ve been religiously snooping on Craigslist, and one finally popped up that seemed too good to be true. I’ve been looking for a single female goose for ages now, and now I finally found one :celebrate She’s a stunning 10 month old Sebastopol, who is going to be the mate...
  19. Squeak61

    Where to get adult geese?

    Hi everyone. My goose needs a buddy, but I can’t find one! I’ve been searching through New England rescues, breeders, everywhere, and I haven’t been able to find an adult female goose to adopt or purchase. Does anyone know of somewhere to get an adult female goose?
  20. M

    Mink Problems

    We have had ducks for about 4 years now and we have finally managed to proof our duck house and the enclosure they live in from raccoons, foxes, hawks, and other various larger predators. In the last few months though, we have had 2 minks get into the enclosure. The first time, the ducks were...
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