1. G

    Adopting geese cheaply

    I live in Carrollton, GA 30117. Does anyone have suggestions for adopting geese cheaply? I live on a private 55 acre lake, and built a floating island for waterfowl. I’d prefer to rescue older birds.
  2. DuckyDonna

    Cool video of flying with geese
  3. L

    Gander with frostbite! Suggestions for treatment

    Hello all! I rescued a gander a couple of days ago (I think he’s a Chinese x Embden) who seems not to be in the best shape. He’s terribly thin (you can feel his breast bone very easily), and his feathers are in rough shape. Most concerning are his feet: he has small patches of frostbite...
  4. Rosebud25

    Moving with chickens

    Hi all, I have a small flock of 12 White Leghorn Chickens. They were hatched last February and laying very well. I also have 2 turkeys a goose and 5 Muscovy ducks. My problem is I'm moving to Kentucky and would like to take them all with me. My vet is not a bird vet. From what she understands I...
  5. M

    Help please, Which geese do I get!

    Hi, I am new to raising poultry and have been raising chickens (4+ 1 rooster) since July now. I am now eagerly awaiting a larger addition of Chicks, ducklings and Emden goslings to our flock. The question is about the geese. I just read that Embden geese were not for beginners, esp. The males...
  6. fangedknight

    Goose Egg Incubation!!!

    Hey guys! So I figured I'd post here to get some advice and start a thread, this might turn into a hatch-a-long so worst case scenario I can always move it (Or gracious mods if you deem it worthy to move please go right ahead). Sooo a little background info for ya'll. I have a pair of...
  7. G

    Need info on goose breeding please

    I'm looking into getting some geese to raise for meat and I was wondering if anyone has any good links or book recommendations. I'm looking more for how to better the geese you already have and what to look for when selecting breeding stock. Would it be similar to selecting chicken stock...
  8. L

    Sad and lonely goose... Advice please!

    Hi all, I have a year old female (at least, that was what i was told when I got her) Embden goose that I've had for a couple of months now. I purchased her to act as a "guardian" for my small flock of 5 ducks (4 hens and a drake--I didn't expect her to be able to do much, but I was hoping her...
  9. ZorotheDuck

    severely damaged feathers from gander fight

    Hi everyone, We have a American Buff gander who got beat up by our Toulouse-Sebastapol gander. We found our Buff two mornings ago on the other side of their night-time partition with the ducks and our Toulouse-African goose and the Toulouse-Sebastapol gander. He was in the corner, looking like...
  10. G

    Super Africans VS African Geese

    Is there truly a difference between geese marketed as super african geese and geese marketed as african geese? I was under the impression from some of the hatcheries that super Africans are bigger and stronger than normal Africans but then I also read somewhere that they're the same. So I'm a...
  11. MikeWu

    Most effective way of predator dealing

    We live in a county island, where the surrounding areas are city streets and buildings. When we moved in we had some fox attacks, and I thought being in a county island, there should be only a few foxes, so if I trap and remove all of them, I should be at peace. First one was easy, it fell for...
  12. jsullivan704

    Introducing Geese and Ducks

    So i currently have a goose and duck I raised from hatching, they are inseparable. But I am getting them some “friends.” Originally I was planning on getting a few ducks but my friend got ahold of me and wants me to take her Famale goose and 1 female duck as well as one drake. And I have 5...
  13. Squeak61

    ISO Adult Goose

    Hello everyone! I just bought a single goose, and I really want to get him a friend. I’d prefer a medium weight breed, if possible. If anyone knows any breeders that sell adults, or any geese that need homes, please let me know!
  14. southdeb

    Geese guard

    Hey there! I'm considering having some geese (2 or 3 to start I think will work), since I need some "security help". I've been robbed many times and my old dog didn't hear anything (he's 12 years old). I tried to introduce him a new dog, but he was agressive and than very very sad, so we had to...
  15. Age-of-Goositude

    Jude's Safe Haven: My Flock

    Hello this is where I will be introducing each individual member of my flock and showing off the progress of their area that's going to be fenced, any houses built etc I will start off with a little at a time. Everyone will have at least three photos and any general info I have on them. This...
  16. KikiDeAnime

    Protecting Your Flock From Predators

    Many of us know that keeping fowl brings predators to our property and they will kill a few or all of them. There are both daytime and nighttime predators so you will need to secure your yard enough that both can't kill your flock. Many of our members will tell you how they protected their...
  17. SniperGoose

    Have you ever had a hen attack a bird that was attacking you?

    One of my Speckled Sussex hens, Ruby, is quite the character. She's 4 years old now and is generally a calm, curious, and gentle hen. I was outside snuggling her today and it made me remember last year when she attacked my gander who was attempting to attack me (this was in the spring, when he's...
  18. SeventyNeves77

    ISO geese eggs to hatch

    I’m looking to add a goose or two to our family (Toulouse, preferably). I’ve incubated and hatched eggs successfully in the past, including different types of waterfowl and game birds. I would love to incubate and hatch our future gosling(s), but I am having a heck of a time finding fertile...
  19. Button Quail 123

    What's Your Favorite Breed (Chicken or Other Poultry)?

    Feel free to comment below on your favorite breed. :) :jumpy Button Quail 123
  20. SniperGoose

    What was that one bird that got you hooked?

    Hello everyone! Yesterday evening I was just thinking back a few years about all the poultry I've owned, and how they impacted my life. Then I got to remembering my very first one - the one that got me hooked on poultry! So what was the one that got you hooked? It can be any type of bird...
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