1. Catrena

    Neighbors dog Killing all local chickens

    After calling so many times to animal control, after my neighbors chickens and mine dieing....its racking up to 100 birds thus far and he hasint delt with his dogs geting out. 100 birds being in the last year and a half i think. Im sick of it because it takes 6 months to grow these girls and...
  2. DuckDude II

    When to start feeding chicks pellet food.

    Hello, everyone! We own 50, six week old White Leghorn/RIR chicks. When do we start feeding them pellets instead of crumbles? Just wanted to pick your all’s brains. Thanks, DuckDude II
  3. A

    New chick owner and very confused

    Hello! I’m glad to be a part of the chicken raising club but definitely struggling along this far. I think my brooder is too warm, but yet my chickens are all huddled together. They are panting, and definitely to the side of the coop, but they are also huddling and seem to be trying to snuggle...
  4. A

    Hi ALL Chicken Lovers and Fellows

    Hi, I am ACHICKENSBESTBUDDY I also run a youtube channel called Peeps & Eeps! Please subscribe to my Channel
  5. PancakeTheButtonQuail

    A Perfect Breed...

    Hello, people of the chicken world! Can anyone think of a breed that has Feathered Feet ( I don't mind if not, but it would be preferable) Blue/Dark Brown Layer Medium to big Laced Single/ Pea Comb If a breed has two or more of these please reply (with the number (and an image? - if you...
  6. aarchambeau

    Handmade Chicken Figurines

    These are handmade chicken paperweights. They have a weighted ball-bearing inside. Clay sculpted and painted. Some breeds include: • Rhode Island Red • Plymoth Rock • Lavender Orpington • Buffalo Orpington • Leghorn Message me for other images or if you're interested.
  7. ANB131

    Has anyone ordered hatching eggs from Dragonfly Farm?

    I’m planning on ordering hatching eggs from Dragonfly Farm in Beebe Arkansas, has anyone else on here ordered from there? What was your experience with them and what was your hatch rate? I really want someones opinion before I order from them. I also would really love to see pictures of the...
  8. benevolent_leonela

    Pleased to be here

    Hello everyone, I have always referenced BYC for my chicken questions and I finally decided to make an account. I have become quite the poultry enthusiast since beginning my flock this past spring! And I found it appropriate to share it with others who also enjoy chickens, geese, ducks etc. I...
  9. PancakeTheButtonQuail


  10. paigeber

    PLEASE SIGN! Petition London, Ontario Chicken & Waterfowl Laws

    Hello! I live in London, Ontario, & im hoping if you all have a couple seconds to sign this petition. I am very actively trying to talk with city council to make them amend these laws as the last time this was brought up in 2017, talks of a pilot project never got off...
  11. E

    Can anyone help identify these bantams?

    Hi there. I've hatched bantam chicks from eggs from random breeds; could you help me identify them? I've included numbers to help, the picture on the left is when they were less than a week old and on the right at a month old. The black one has feathers that spread outwards. I am also unsure of...
  12. Bubba and his girls

    Bubba and his girls

    Bubba looks like "check out my girls!"
  13. AngBantamLuv

    What do you see on Mars?

    I see a D'uccle hopping over a silkie, who is sitting on a tree stump 🤔
  14. Chickem707

    Turkey mating by himself & turkeys vs chickens

    So very odd question, but turns out one of my two female turkeys is actually a male. He’s just started gobbling & puffing out his feathers today. Earlier I caught him essentially mating the air, just stood by himself doing the whole business. Anyone elses do this? Also, what’re peoples...
  15. mermaidmadi

    CenTex Rooster needs new home ASAP

    My neighbor ditched a rooster on us! I’m not in a zoned area for chickens, but this rooster adopted my flock. I’m worried his crowing will lead to complaint from neighbors, and may cause me to loose my flock! He is free to whoever wants him- ASAP Located in Waco Tx!
  16. JoshuaBurke


    My babies says good night.
  17. Female White Leghorn

    Female White Leghorn

    My new female White Leghorn.
  18. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy

    My new White Leghorn Rooster. 12/5/2020
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