1. The chicken nurd

    How old was your oldest chicken

    I’m just curious about this especially since I’ve seen a lot of people on here with birds that are in there teens so who was or is your oldest chicken My oldest hen will turn ten this spring she’s an EE that I got as a day old chick in 2012 Here’s a picture of her I took last summer
  2. Adil_Ali

    Bantam cochin egg fertility issues

    I bought a trio of bantam cochin chickens. And the hens are laying eggs, and I have hatched a few of their eggs in the past (6), but the fertility is extremely low. Their age is about 3 years, and I feel like the problem isn't with the age, I think they face difficulty in mating. The male does...
  3. Jajika

    Is Milkweed dangerous to chickens?

    Hi Everyone: I want to plant Milkweed to help with the Monarch butterfly population, however, I've heard it is toxic? And that the butterflies create worms that can be poisonous. So, will the chickens go after them? And will it be harmful? Thanks
  4. P

    Ain't nobody here but us chickens....

    Hey everyone, been following this site for a while, but never thought to register. So, here we are! I'm Ryan, I've got 6 chickens (5 hens, 1 rooster), along with 13 Manchurian cross ring-necked pheasants (2 roosters, 11 hens). Been dealing with pheasants for about 2 years, chickens for about a...
  5. piggyinthepink

    Best incubators as of 2022 ?

    Looking for a quality QUIET(no humming or ticking) incubator that can hold at least 20 eggs. Any suggestions?
  6. The duck father_

    Having a tough time deciding who would make the best SFH roo to breed? Also I need name suggestions for these boys

    Any tips on deciding on who to breed this March? These are my three boy swedish flower hens. I am fairly new to chicken breeding and am still learning. Also I need names for the black one and the red one
  7. The duck father_

    Is $150 a hen fair for show Brahmas?

    I'm adding new chickens to start my breeding program, the breeder is asking 150 for females and 100 for males. Is this a fair price?
  8. oodle

    Anyone else always dream of their chickens? Just me?

    I’d say about 75% of my dreams at night are about my 4 little cute chickens.
  9. Gearhead846

    Does diatomaceous earth work?

    HI! I have been hearing conflicting evidence on whether DE works for controlling mites, lice, and worms and things of that sort, does it work or is it just a waste of money and if it doesn't work why is that? Thanks!
  10. R

    Diagel for chickens?

    One of my chickens has had explosive, completely liquid diarrhea for weeks, and I took her to the vet about 3 weeks ago. After weeks of waiting for blood/fecal results, they didn't turn up anything unusual. Probiotics and changing out her feed have done nothing. The vet left a message...
  11. LukasChickens


  12. L

    Setting Up a Coop: Ideas and Thoughts

    Buff Orpington
  13. T

    Cooperstown Pa. 23 laying hens, 4 laying ducks and 2 roosters FREE to good home

    I need to go out of town for the winter. Looking for a good home for my birds. All the hens and ducks are laying. I have a heated water dish, hanging feeders and metal feed cans. Please call or text 814-431-4044
  14. The Threesome

    The Threesome

  15. katie_94

    Besides fake eggs and golf balls, what else have you used that worked to prevent a nesting box war?

    I'm trying to deter my girls from favoring one nesting box and I've read that this can be prevented using fake/ceramic eggs or golf balls but I have neither! If I don't have to buy some, what else can be used that is just as effective? That's if I have it readily available lol. If I don't, I'd...
  16. chickenexpert55

    My chickens are becoming a little too attached to me

    A little while back I lost a hen, This was in June of 2020, for a few months the chickens were just using me as a tool to get food. Well later in august of that year the hawk came into the yard. Fortunately I was there and well scared it off, ever since the chickens are coming up to me, letting...
  17. MolliMonster99

    Protein treats for ducks?

    I have 6 runner ducks and 5 ISA brown hens, who I spoil very much with small amounts of fresh fruit and veg almost every day. I always check online to make sure that anything I'm planning on letting my flock try is safe for them. Giving them their treats has actually improved my mental health...
  18. sillysamoyeds

    New member thread

    Hey 👋 I'm Chrissy, I'm in Cairns in Queensland, Australia, and I'm a soon to be new chook owner 🆕 I don't have any chooks right now, but I am planning on 3-4 0️⃣ I think they will be silkies 🐔 While I am looking forward to some eggs, I appreciate this breed lays less and can go broody. Still...
  19. Why Do Chickens Dust Bathe?

    Why Do Chickens Dust Bathe?

    Chickens are strange beings, but what makes them weirder is that they roll around in dust. Why on earth would they do that? Surely that would just get them dirtier? Wrong. Why Do Chickens Dust Bathe? Chickens are at risk from lice and mites. They can get lice /mites from wild birds, other...
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