1. Papaye

    Hello from France! I'm new here!

    Hello, people! I... don't know if I'm doing that right : never in my life have I posted on a forum before... I don't know how to do that right, so I hope for your leniency if I am doing something wrong. Thank you! ...So... I'm from France. Hi! I am the happy owner of chickens and ducks! They...
  2. G

    Draining blood from a chicken that's already dead

    Hi, I'm writing a scene for a novel but, never having reared or culled chickens, I'm hoping you can help me get it right. It may seem frivolous to be asking hypothetical questions in a forum but we novelists get a very hard time for not doing our research. A dog (a hunting breed) gets into the...
  3. CaptainCrossthread

    Geese, Ducks, and Roos

    I have a question about mixing a flock and also what to expect from a roo (or two). Currently, we have 2 Embden geese (f). We also have 2 mallard drakes and a Rouen female, which wasn't intentional or ideal. We are going to expand next year. Flock size, pen, and water pools/pond. 2 more geese...
  4. cowanchickens

    Does anyone know the breed of my hen?

    I have had this hen since she was a chick. I bought her at tractor supply and she was in a bucket with barres rocks. I seen she was different than the other chicks and that’s why I got her. Now that she is grown, she is clearly not a barred rock. Does anyone know what breed she is? I have...
  5. ChickensInMA

    New Member, Long-Time Reader

    Hi, everyone! After years and years of being a reader of BYC, I've decided to create an account! This place is a wealth of information for both new and old chicken keepers alike. I am not new to raising chickens, but have been raising them for about eight years. Our enclosures and how we've...
  6. Stipenvlerk

    Who else enjoys time with their flock?

    Recently I thought it will be good to share some duck video material i have / make with the world and I set up a youtube account. I hope you feel free to post pictures (And even better video's) of yourself feeding your feathered friends too💛 Please do share your own youtube channel when you...
  7. DovesFlock

    Show me your flock(and I’ll show you mine)

    I have a total of 21 chickens and 3 ducks As well as two chicks and some eggs incubating. Here’s all of my feathered babies and their names! (Two are unnamed so names are welcomed as well) Feel free to drop pics and names of your flock as well! This is Holly Peño a RIR and has two eggs in...
  8. B

    BearBee Intro

    Hello!! I’m Bear4Bee (BearBee or Bear), I’m excited to join and geared with questions!! Are they relavent? Possibly! Are they about chickens? Right this second, absolutely! Shall we continue? Why not! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? Yes and No. No: I have had a...
  9. G

    I'm knew

    Hi, I've been around chickens for along as I can remember. Currently, we have around 35 hens and one rooster. The breeds we have are; silver laced Sussex, Novagen brown and Jenks' color pack. I have a standard poodle and yes, while the French make them look like fashion models, they were and...
  10. 3eyondblessed

    Best bedding for Chicken house?

    Hi all, I am curious to what bedding I should use for my Chicken house. Thank you!
  11. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    Help!! Predator got one of my pullets!

    Hello all. Long time no post here. Just lost my first pullet in a while to what clearly was a predator. Body is completely gone, no blood, only scattered and clearly torn out feathers left in her place. According to my dad he heard squawking last night, but he only told me this afternoon-ish...
  12. S

    NorCal: 2 sweet bantam, 6-mo old roos - Belgian D'Uccle, bearded and feathered feet

    2 Belgium D’uccle Roosters: Mille Fleur / Lavender Gray Colors Two delightful little roosters, about 6 months old, no spurs yet. They are a fancy, sought-after bantam breed - Belgium D'uccles! One is colored Mille Fleur and the other is a Lavender Gray - both unique feather patterns/colors. This...
  13. Smokey And Me


    Hi everybody! I just joined BYC not long ago! I loveee it here, and everybody is so kind! I have a pet duck named Smokey, and he is known for his unique and loving personality. He really enjoys cuddles! We have our own YouTube channel as well! I would really appreciate if you subscribed, as it...
  14. I

    My sick chicken

    I have a chicken which is in the photo below who seems to eat and drink normally but always seems to be quite slow and always has her wings out as if she is hot all the time. I am in England so it doesn’t get that hot and today it is 17 degrees so I don’t think it is heat and also none of my 6...
  15. wonderlandfly

    Hello, I am glad a forum like this exists

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I randomly got chickens in my backyard one day. I tried to find their owner, but to no avail so I kept them lol, that was 3 years ago. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 12 chickens now :D (3) What breeds do you have? 1...
  16. wonderlandfly


  17. D

    Can you supplement chicken feed with plants, mealworms and fish?

    I have about 20 hens that just free range and they get scraps. I don't give them pellets or crumbles unless it's winter time. They have always been very healthy since they have 2 acres to roam and lots of bugs and plants around to eat, however I got 12 silkies and I want to avoid buying pellets...
  18. B

    Rooster Not Walking

    Hi everyone, so I have a Rhode Island Red Rooster that is 9 years. I know lifespan is around 8yrs but hes well tended. My chickens are in a large area that has straw on the ground, they are fed scratch grain and fresh water daily. My rooster has been laying one wing to the ground and going...
  19. M

    What gender is this chick?

    My buff Brahma rooster cross bread with my barred Rock hen. I was wondering if anyone knows what the gender is of this adorable baby chick? Photos attached. Thanks
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