1. ChocolateWingTheRooster

    What breed are these two, anyway?

    My two blue ladies, Diamond and Jewel, were ordered as [ ] And I ended up with an Easter Egger, an actual Ameraucana, and... well, these two! I was told in an earlier thread of mine they are not Ameraucanas. So I’m asking again...
  2. Pigglebottoms

    Chickens, What's Not To Love!

    UPDATED TO ADD PICS Hi Everyone! Thank you for accepting me as a member of BYC! I never thought I would enjoy chickens so much. Honestly, the chickens were my husband's idea originally, I wanted the ducks 🤦We got a few ducks and chickens back in September 2019 just before moving to Eastern...
  3. E

    Broiler vs Layers

    Good greetings to you all. I want to stir up a contradictory topic.To get started ,broiler chickens are fleshier than backyard chickens although they on average take a mere 6 weeks to mature.In contrast to backyard chickens can take more than 12 weeks to mature and still may not be as fleshy as...
  4. G

    ordering chicks

    I have never ordered chickens online before, but I might plan to. However, how does it work? Is it guaranteed that it's safe for the chick? If so, what sites do you recommend? Also, do I have to pick up the chicks? Where?
  5. Feeding the girls spaghetti

    Feeding the girls spaghetti

  6. HuskerHens18

    Illness after moving flock

    This year has not been a nice year for my chickens or property. From decaying wood to predation, I do not have a safe winter home for my birds. I found a farrowing house for hogs on a property a mile from me that was left unused for a decade. I power washed it out and got it all ready for...
  7. Bk5566

    5 sweet hens in need of a new home - CA Bay Area, NorCal

    We are relocating to the east coast and will not be able to bring our flock due to the state’s import requirements. They are very friendly, docile, and funny. They are a bit past their prime laying years, but we still got plenty of eggs last summer and they have been laying from February...
  8. H

    Guineas saved chickens?

    Okay so our biggest issue is goshawks - ferocious, aggressive, and brass goshawks hunt our free range chickens. They will try to murder them right on our porch! We do our very best to deter them. We recently added some guineas (successfully; knock on wood) to our flock. Still not 100 on both...
  9. C

    Why are they acting weird?

    My 2 ducks and 4 chickens have been acting strangely (for them) for 2 days. The ducks will NOT get in their little blue pool, which they love. All 6 of the birds are hanging around home base. They even went to roost early. I don't know what's going on with these sweet birds. Frankly, I too...
  10. J


    Heya, I'm from Norfolk uk! I'm interested in keeping quails and chickens I used to keep both before. Is anyone from UK And what is it you keep?
  11. The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!

    The ULTIMATE chicken quiz!

    Are you a chicken know-it-all? Well, here are some of the HARDEST questions about chickens that only true chicken lovers know the answer of! There are 10 questions. The answers of the questions are at the bottom of the article. answer all of the questions then check the answers, the answers...
  12. Bru

    Rare Roosters/Cockerels Central MD

    All birds are around 3 months old and have been vaccinated for MAREKS. At this point, we are quite certain they are roos. Liege Fighter Roos (4) $50 each (Light-feathered large Roo in pics not for sale). These are a very large Belgian breed known to be docile toward humans, but fierce towards...
  13. Derek Kwas

    Rhode Island Red White Tips

    Hello, as the title says, I have noticed 1 of our 4 chickens (Rhode Island Red, All Born 3/30/17) has white tips on her feathers at the top of her head and has some baby feathers loose as shown in the pictures. I feel this may be molting due to age and we haven't seen her go through it but the...
  14. M

    chickens in the canal

    so i just found some breeds of chickens and roosters that i found around the canal in the neighborhood in Miami where my dad's house is and i don't know any of them, is it okay that i need to get help to ID these canal and neighborhood dwelling chickens
  15. Nats Chickens

    What could I do with my youtube channel?

    I have a new youtube channel with a little bit of stuff on it, but I am void of ideas. I have 8 chooks, 5 guinea pigs, 9 goldfish and a puppy who could star on it, but I don't know what to do. The web doesn't need anymore care or animal health videos than it already has, and I want to do...
  16. J

    Follow these steps to insure your hen's safety!

    Being a chicken keeper, things can get difficult when predators are around. Recently, there has been a fox problem and is an ongoing worry for any owner of chickens. There are several ways to protect your chickens, but here are the most effective ways to ensure your safety over predators e.g...
  17. B

    Chicken+ Guinea Update

    We've gotten addicted. It's only been a few months and I'm hopeless. Update on the Chicken Flock We got 22 new chickens. All of them are female but three, but the person who gave them to us accidentally bought full Rhode Island Reds instead of Bantams, which is definitely a problem seeing as we...
  18. AKmotherbird

    Hi, I just got the app on my phone :) We're on a mountain in Alaska

    We have around 40 chickens now, we've had our chickens for 8 years, started out getting my daughter 10 for her 10th birthday. We kept the best breeders and layers selling the rest. Then the barn burned down last year and we were down to 12 survivors. Chicken math and poof back up to where we...
  19. TheChiggens

    Favorite Chicken Memories

    I remember the first time I got chickens I could not wait! sleeping was hard for a week before I got them. (although I am still excited about getting chickens to this day) I also remember as a kid loving to watch my aunt and uncles flock of hens parading around the farm. That's what really got...
  20. E

    How to Prevent/Stop Comb Frostbite and Comb Pecking?

    I'm not sure which is happening to three of my chickens, so I want to solve both problems at once. Here's the situation behind this: Due to a recurring problem of high humidity inside the isolated, non-heated coop (hydrometer shows 72-78% - the walls and windows are covered in frost), I...
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