1. B

    I'm new here!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I am certainly not new to chickens. Our oldest girls are about 6 years old. We ordered chickens about 6 and half years ago through an online catalog. Since, we rescued a rooster and eventually we've raised a few of our own chicks...
  2. H

    Hello from Heart4Chicks

    It was my Grandpa who started me down the road with a love for chickens. When I was five years old, he gave me my own little Bantam flock. However, along came grown-up life and for many years the thought of owning chickens did not cross my mind. Then early Spring last year I happened to be in...
  3. Brahmachicken240

    Chickens & Ducks Chat Thread

    Hello fellow chicken and duck keepers. :frow I thought I’d make this chat thread for a bit of fun This thread is for everyone to share their photos, stories and updates of their chickens and ducks And other animals if they wish.
  4. M

    LOUD Chickens

    Anyone know what's up with loud chickens? We have Polish ladies and they're obnoxiously loud during the day. I was losing my mind thinking they were possibly roosters at some point but, they're JUST loud. When I read about it, all there is info on is that it's a behavioral thing that means...
  5. SlantedViewFarms

    Introduction from NC!

    I am an accidental farmer.... I moved to North Granville County in North Carolina 5 years ago looking for land to possibly have horses.... well... No horses; however, I have Boer Goats, 37 chickens (don't tell my hens, but I think my roosters are awesome!), and Bourbon Red Turkeys. I also...
  6. Meggymojo

    Chickens eating caterpillars

    While watering my plants today I took the leisurely sit while soaking them when I met myself eye to eye with a bright yellow caterpillar. I was unfamiliar with the species so I gloved up to remove it, before noticing another. Then another. And another. Suddenly I realized that my Sweet broom...
  7. Ladies-Eight

    Mealworms To Raise

    I am a firm believer in needing to raise my own mealworms as related to the price of dried ones. My husband and I were talking the other day and he informed me he would be using the mealworms when he goes fishing. I decided that I needed to order more mealworms toad to my farm. Exotic...
  8. P


    I am not new to raising birds. Haven't done it in a while though. I raised chickens for eggs, quail, ornamental pheasants, turkeys, chuckars, and a duck or two. I incubated eggs and raised to adulthood, but now I live in Las Vegas and can only have a few chickens. I have been a taxidermist since...
  9. R

    LGD and Chickens

    I have a 10 month old Great Pyr that has been with us since he was about 10 weeks old. He has been kept in a pen adjacent to the barn and paddock unless I'm at the barn for chores and training. We have sheep, chickens, guineas, a donkey (and now foal!) and a couple barn cats. Chief has been...
  10. Littlebear123

    Chickens Aren’t Laying, Roosters Aren’t Jumping

    So I’ve got a tricky situation that I’ve never heard of. We’ve had chickens for about 3 years and have dealt with all kinds of situations with them. Starting 2 months ago our chickens just stopped laying eggs. At first we thought they were molting but they just finished going through that and...
  11. A

    Looking for Leghorn pullets

    Close to laying stage and close to Spotsylvania area
  12. FathertoFeathers

    Are these breeds any good??

    Im looking at breeds of chickens to order for the spring but need help with some breeds if you've had any of the following let me know your thoughts on them! Jersey Giant Polish Silkie Brahma Wyandotte How are their egg production? Temperament? Personality? Any other comments on the breed?
  13. M

    Muscovy duck thinks she's a chicken?

    So I have a weird situation. I have 8 chickens and 4 ducks. 3 of my ducks, appleyard mix (?), runner, and magpie, act like normal ducks and love hanging out together. But my muscovy, who was raised with my chickens since 4 weeks old, prefers to hang with the chickens. Sometimes she walks around...
  14. R

    Feeder recommendation

    We have three backyard adult chickens. We also have a lot of rats in the neighborhood and enjoying the feed in the coop (plus they also feast on my compost bins). We just put in a new floor for the coop which will make it less accessible to the rats due to burrowing from below. Now I'd like...
  15. DecT

    Do you need a ramp?

    what minimum hight you need to get a ramp/slope for chickens(medium bird)... hope this makes sense... MT
  16. DecT

    How Many Chickens?

    My coop is 5m squared and they have a large run/free-range area, what is the maximum amount of chicken I could get. sorry for lot of questions, just need help.
  17. DecT

    My Coop

    we brought some land and it had a built-in chicken coop in a brick shed, it has 4 rather large windows some 2 are partially-covered and 2 open, should I cover some???? or just the windows that are directly in front of roost???????? pls, help! Many thanks
  18. Takeylla

    Random pictures, drawings artwork, and just chatting

    post a picture of your bird’s or random drawing of your birds or birds you drawn if you want, post your art and show off what you got or made. :)
  19. Chickologist

    The Roost

    This is a version of the BYC Cafe thread, But this one is more for talking about and telling stories of your chickens and other animals. Please follow all the BYC Terms and Rules in this thread.
  20. Egg-Cellent Eggs

    Chicken TUTUS

    Ive heard about chicken tutus. I am debating if I should buy one for my hens. What do you guys think of chickens tutus. Are that safe? Do chickens like them(well at least don’t mind them)? Should I buy one? Thanks!
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