1. Nelson-Collier

    Grow an Infinite Amount of Tomato Plants from One Plant!!!

    How to Clone and Propagate Tomato Plants! Simple. Using this method you could grow an infinite (literally) amount of Tomato plants, from one! "Cloning" is loved by many gardeners because if you find a particular breed of Tomatoes that you love, you take a cutting and propagate it, and it is a...
  2. CaramelKittey

    My First Peewee Duck egg!

    Hi! This morning, my younger sister was collecting the eggs when she found a peewee Duck egg! She ran over to me with it and showed me how small it was! Has anybody else gotten a peewee Duck egg? Do you have photos of it? I would love to see them! Here is a photo of our first peewee Duck egg!
  3. ChattyChickens4Life

    Two EE Hens For Sale - Georgia

    Hey there! We have a flock of 6 chickens - 4 EEs and 2 Silkies. Recently, we noticed these two Easter Eggers (Chip and Duck) picking on one of the other hens (Muffin) in our flock. It's gotten to a point where we think it is unfair for Muffin to keep getting picked on. They were all hatched and...
  4. Cozy Yellow Chicken Coop!!

    Cozy Yellow Chicken Coop!!

  5. M

    Keeping my dogs away from the coop

    I just put three chickens in the coop. My two goldendoodles are very aggressive towards the chickens and the coop. They follow commands well but I am afraid that their instincts are taking over. I want to keep the chickens safe while letting my dogs out in the yard off leash. Any advice is...
  6. Attackdog4

    Chick is hurt foot.

    Hi we had an accident and hurt my chicks leg and my brother said that it could be broken or sprained and i don’t know what to do Any Ideas
  7. Attackdog4

    I invented a game for the chickens FOODBALL

    :yesss:A while back (a few years a go) I created a game to watch the chickens play (usually young players and for entertainment to us) so You Throw the food and whoever picks it up gets a point but they only get the point if they eat it bread usually works best but you can use any food and you...
  8. Attackdog4

    Ducks and chickens?

    Well I’m incubating chicks and I wanna know If i can incubate ducks and chickens together and or brood em together how much of a difference of the inubations and stuff?
  9. MelissaRose

    MelissaRose's Chat Thread

    Hello all! I wanted to start a chat thread to meat some new peeps on the forum and hang out with some I already know. So just introduce yourself, you don't have to say your real name if you don't want to, and maybe share something about yourself. What kind of poultry you have, your hobbies...
  10. Logieberg

    I’m new to chickens, what breed is this????

    Hey guys. I’ve only had chickens for a year, spring came and I added to my flock. I figured out this morning this handsome little guy is a rooster from him raising his hackle feathers and keeping the other chicks in line when they were acting out. So what breed is he??
  11. M

    First time chicken owners. Insulation help in Bend, Central Oregon.

    My husband and I are first time chicken owners and our chicks are ready to go out to their coop. Before we do so we wanted to make sure the nightly temps were not getting too cold in the coop. We monitored the coop temp throughout the night and it seems too cold. It was at 38 degrees at its...
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