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  1. B

    What can I put in my run to help chicks hid from older flock during integration? Clutter? Hiding spots?

    What can I use as clutter or hiding spots for my chicks in a small ish run to keep them Safe during integration process with my 15 weeks old pullets? Give them a place to hide and get away if needed. What works well for this that I may have lying around. I need ideas to get this right. My chicks...
  2. B

    Integrating chicks to existing young flock

    My baby chicks are two weeks old and have been introduced to my existing flock of 2 Pullets (15 weeks old) with a wire fencing between them. When should I begin to introduce them without the fence?
  3. AGeese

    Mixed (Free-Range) Flock Keepers

    Hey all, It's true there's some discussion on mixed flocks in the forums, but what I'd like to see are pictures of Your mixed flocks. I'm a free ranger with geese and chickens so I'm looking to see what other free rangers are putting out there to pasture. They don't have to be housed together...
  4. W

    Is a Brahma rooster okay to put with a mixed flock?

    I have two dark brahma hens, one light brahma hen, and a light brahma rooster, all about a year old. I bought them all together a couple weeks ago, but the rooster needs more hens, which now I cannot find any more brahma hens around me. He is making the hens back raw, even with the saddle on...
  5. akf93

    6 Week Old Guineas Escaping

    My second flock includes 15 chicks and 3 guineas. My plan was to give them outdoor time every day over the next several days and put them back into the brooder each night and then eventually start putting them into the coop at night with the older flock until they are well integrated. I made up...
  6. The chicken nurd

    Feed questions

    So I’m switching my flock over from a layers feed to an all flock feed because of my ducks do I need to offer extra calcium for the chickens or any other supplements and is there anything else I need to know about switching feeds?
  7. akf93

    Ducks in Coop

    We are new to backyard flocks! We have 16 chickens and started with 2 ducks. The ducks used to follow the chickens into the coop at night. One of those ducks died and we got 4 more ducklings. They all free range together. We were hoping the older duck would teach the youngers to go into the coop...
  8. sheknitsandcrochets

    When to wean mixed flocks off heat lamp?

    Hello, we are currently raising about 100 baby chicks, of various ages, and I was wondering when we should start to wean them off the heat lamps? We're raising them indoors in DIY brooders with heat lamps. I think our youngest chicks are about 2 weeks old and our oldest are probably hitting 5 to...
  9. A

    Goslings with slightly older chicks

    Hi, We currently have 9 chicks (a mixture of egg-laying breeds) who are about 4 1/2 weeks old in a brooder in our garage. Last week we got two goslings, and they are set up in a brooder right next to the chicks. We intend at least one of the geese to be a guard goose for the chickens (we also...
  10. the_kitchen__drawer

    How to Feed Mixed Flock

    Alright, I’m confused, for a flock with both chicken hens and female ducks, you’d feed all flock, yes? Would they need continual extra niacin? would it be bad for the chickens to add duck feed? What should I be doing? Also, can ducks have the supplemental layer feed? thank you in advance!
  11. m1chelle1

    Feed mills in Florida?

    Hi all! Just looking to see if anyone buys feed from any local Florida feed mill? I’m looking to buy in bulk for my mixed flock, and hopefully get a bulk discount. Also wanting to support local businesses. Let me know if there any you know of and can recommend or anything. Thanks all! :hugs:wee...
  12. AmberLittlejohn

    Laying/Nesting Boxes

    I have a flock of 14 hens (black copper Maran, Orpington bantam, EEs and OEs) and 2 ducks. Right now I have a double laying box, two singles, and a large communal laying box. I want to divide the communal box up because the hens only like the divided ones but will occasionally use the communal...
  13. The chicken nurd

    Surprise Ducks help!

    Hey everyone so here’s what happened My birthday was a few days ago and my neighbor told me they had a surprise witch turned out to be ducks she’s getting them from someone and dropping them off sometime between tomorrow and Wednesday I already have most everything I need because I have 12...
  14. P

    The Phippy Flock

    Our flock began last year when my son asked for chickens for his 9th birthday. We did some research, and since we suddenly had time at home (here's one benefit to the covid quarantines), we let him pick up 4 chicks. He raised them up with tons of love and produced 4 lap-chickens. So... here...
  15. KerriChick


    Can anyone else relate? I feel judged. :gig
  16. BokBokBeginner

    Any girls here please?

    Hello I've been impatiently waiting 7 weeks now for my 14 chicks to be big enough to identify gender. I'm sadly thinking I have all boys... Any help will be greatly appreciated
  17. MissTracy

    Prettiest Mixed Rooster (so far 😋)

    Mixed between a speckled sussex and whatever my buff orp rooster is mixed with. He has this gorgeous auburn-chocolate color with that pretty teal blue. Need to think of a name bc I am def keeping him!
  18. Lady Gray

    Some of my birds!

    I just want to share some pretty birds!
  19. C

    Aloof chickens raised with 2 Guineas

    So I am raising flock number 2 with 4 hens and 2 guinea fowl. I wanted to raise the guineas with chickens so they would be a little tamer and not so prone to roam, which has worked like a charm . The only thing I have noticed is that the hens raised with the guineas are the flightiest, most...
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