mixed flock

  1. KerriChick


    Can anyone else relate? I feel judged. :gig
  2. Crazy duck lover

    Crazy duck lover

  3. BokBokBeginner

    Any girls here please?

    Hello I've been impatiently waiting 7 weeks now for my 14 chicks to be big enough to identify gender. I'm sadly thinking I have all boys... Any help will be greatly appreciated
  4. MissTracy

    Prettiest Mixed Rooster (so far 😋)

    Mixed between a speckled sussex and whatever my buff orp rooster is mixed with. He has this gorgeous auburn-chocolate color with that pretty teal blue. Need to think of a name bc I am def keeping him!
  5. Lady Gray

    Some of my birds!

    I just want to share some pretty birds!
  6. C

    Aloof chickens raised with 2 Guineas

    So I am raising flock number 2 with 4 hens and 2 guinea fowl. I wanted to raise the guineas with chickens so they would be a little tamer and not so prone to roam, which has worked like a charm . The only thing I have noticed is that the hens raised with the guineas are the flightiest, most...
  7. Jlee27

    Could I get a bantam silkie?

    I have 2 buff orpingtons, 2 delawares, and 2 black australorps, which are all standard hens. Would I be able to introduce a bantam silkie rooster to the flock, and have the eggs be fertilized? Also, my neighborhood doesn't like rooster crowing, so would a no crow collar work?
  8. First Lady Manor

    First Lady Manor

    Working at a shelter, it is TOO easy to add another animal. I already have a litter box and cat food so what's another cat... that kind of thinking. I should've known from the start "chicken math" would get me bad! My first chicken was a stray at the shelter. The Beginning... I picked up a...
  9. MisaF

    Standard Sized Ducks & Call Ducks

    Question for anyone who has standard sized ducks and call ducks. . . We rescued two Indian Runners, one had been hit by a car (there were three the other was killed by a car), long story of people who had no right having ducks on a busy road. The female runner who was hit by the car and survived...
  10. AvianBrain

    Licence needed for Keeping Pet pheasants?

    Hello, I have ordered Ringneck pheasant eggs and going to incubate them in my cheap incubator so I could imprint and get them tame(ish). I am in the state of Rhode Island and need to know if I need a licence to legally keep these birds for pets, even if I don't breed them? I have read the pages...
  11. What you don't know...

    What you don't know...

    So... you've studied for years about chickens. How to raise them... What they need... What will kill them... Which breeds are best in your area... Which breeds are best for your needs. GREAT JOB!!! If you haven't been to sites like this and spent hours obsessing over every article you can get...
  12. LadyAchee

    LadyAchee's flock

    Pictures of my flock. I will flood this thread with pictures of my mixed flock. Red our RIR cockerel. Handsome boy great protector. Sally WL. Pretty sure she will be alpha female, bossy, curious, quick. Mango RIR. Very sweet, loves to perch high, loves me. Emily aka "Dodo" Rescue possible...
  13. mandymcg05

    I need some Turkey help!!

    So I currently have our big girl coop with 13 chicks aging at about 7 weeks old. I have a smaller brooder in our garage with 6 barnyard mixes (sold as EEs) and 2 silkies at about 3-4 weeks old. Well, we got rid of a few of our bigger ones in the coop whom we were certain were roos. Then we went...
  14. T

    Rooster breed advice pls

    I raised chickens with a guard goose some 10-12 years ago & I’m planning to start raising chickens again in a year or so. Since I will again utilize a guard goose, I do not need a protective rooster, so I can hopefully get a friendly dual purpose breed. For my 6-8 hens I plan to have: Rhode...
  15. 0ddaudd

    Male Duck Wont Mate With Female Duck !!

    Hello ! So about a year ago I got two Rhode Island Red hens and a Pekin duck. They grew up peacefully and it wasn’t until recently that he (Eli) tried mating with my hens ! So i rescued a little 1 year old female duck in hopes it would calm him down. The rescuer unfortunately didn’t know what...
  16. 0ddaudd

    Tips on Introducing New Adult Female to the Flock ?

    Hello! Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a 1-year-old female duck, and I was curious as to if there is any precautions I should take when I bring her home? I currently own one male Pekin and two Rhode Island Red hens. The male Pekin is also a year old. I was just wondering if there's anything I...
  17. S

    Combined Duck/Geese Coop Ideas Needed

    I'm looking for ideas on coop/run design for a "larger" combined flock of ducks and geese. We are looking to get 10 Indian Runner ducks, 1 Cayuga, 1 Rouen, and 2 Pilgrim geese at the beginning of June. Right now we're in the planning stage, and are needing to build a new coop and run to house...
  18. Bert2368

    Guardian geese for free range turkeys

    We have had turkeys for several years, allowing them to free range during the days when we are we working near their pen outdoors, which happens most days during the summer. We had over the years lost a bird occasionally to coyotes or several young poults to a fox which managed to get through...
  19. chickenbritt5908

    Adding a few silkies to my flock.

    I'm thinking about adding 2-3 silkies to my mixed flock. I've been reading and know there's the possibility of them being bullied so I understand to keep an eye on that. I've had very good luck with adding new chickens, some that were quite a bit younger than my existing birds. A question I...
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