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  1. S

    Combined Duck/Geese Coop Ideas Needed

    I'm looking for ideas on coop/run design for a "larger" combined flock of ducks and geese. We are looking to get 10 Indian Runner ducks, 1 Cayuga, 1 Rouen, and 2 Pilgrim geese at the beginning of June. Right now we're in the planning stage, and are needing to build a new coop and run to house...
  2. Bert2368

    Guardian geese for free range turkeys

    We have had turkeys for several years, allowing them to free range during the days when we are we working near their pen outdoors, which happens most days during the summer. We had over the years lost a bird occasionally to coyotes or several young poults to a fox which managed to get through...
  3. chickenbritt5908

    Adding a few silkies to my flock.

    I'm thinking about adding 2-3 silkies to my mixed flock. I've been reading and know there's the possibility of them being bullied so I understand to keep an eye on that. I've had very good luck with adding new chickens, some that were quite a bit younger than my existing birds. A question I...
  4. J

    Best crop for chickens, turkeys and ducks.

    I have been looking to plant some crops in a separate run so I can take them off of the run when I need to replant the crops. I need to know which crop is best for a mixed flock. I am currently thinking about oats or alfalfa but would like to hear your opinions, thanks.
  5. M

    Food mix for mixed flock

    Hey all! So I have a mixed flock of 8 chickens and 4 ducks and everyone just started laying/about to lay within a week. Black Friday has food on sale. I'm looking at getting a layer pellet with extra omega-3 and mixing it. Would it be better to mix with duck food or flock raiser? I have oyster...
  6. K

    Mix flock no one is laying

    This is my second year of back yard chickens and we have run into a bit of a problem. We keep 5 ducks(3 female,2 male), (4)2 year old hens and (6) 9 month old bantam hens all together and I’m only getting one chicken egg a day! The chickens roost in their coop and the ducks have a little house...
  7. BrahmaMom1797

    Moving Coops Questions

    Hello!! I have two hens, a Swedish Flower hen and a barred rock hen that are just gonna be too big to keep with my little birds. I have a little spot in my coop I could keep them in the morning and at night that could hopefully get them used to my other hens and the other big hens to them. I...
  8. N

    2 new ducks just showed up

    We have 3 free range ducks with no coop - one male Peking, one female Peking and a male Khaki Campbell. About a week ago 2 male Mallards showed up and are working very hard to be accepted. They appear to be and act young. My questions are 1) should they be eating the duck feed I am currently...
  9. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Switching to Layer Feed

    Hello, Our hens are going on 5 months old. We recently started mixing layer feed (Nature's Best Organic Crumbles) into our starter/grower feed because a few of the hens were showing signs that they'd be laying soon (squatting and getting really big, red combs and wattles). Sure enough, we...
  10. CalBickieMomma

    Buff Orpington Roo with Silver Laced Polish - Yes or No?

    Hello chicken experts! I have a mixed flock of 11 and 10 week old chicks, one of which is a Buff Orpington cockerel. Two of the pullets are Silver Laced Polish. I've read a little bit about the Polish and get the impression that they are on the delicate side and also smaller than the average...
  11. C

    Chickens and Ducks co-raising?... help

    I have a varied flock, about 18 chickens (3 are roosters, yes, I know, I have too many roosters.) and I have 3 ducks. We had 4, one passed away, so now I have two drakes and one hen (two Rouens and a Blue Swedish male) (I also know I have too many male ducks!). Our female Rouen has been...
  12. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Introducing New Cockerel to Flock of Pullets

    Anyone have experience introducing a new cockerel to their all-lady flock? We were given the opportunity to acquire a 10 week-old (thus far very friendly) Bielefelder cockerel to add to our 17.5-18 week-old mixed flock of 7 pullets. Here are my concerns: Is the age difference okay? He's younger...
  13. EricaG5301

    Respiratory disease in chicken/duck mixed flock; do I treat both?

    Hello! I am new to raising chickens (and ducks). About a month after introducing 4 new pullets to our flock of 10 ducks, I noticed one of them had a swollen eye. I quarantined her for a while and was treating naturally for coryza (colloidal silver, garlic, ACV). She seemed better, except for...
  14. KikiDeAnime

    Mixed flock feed suggestions?

    Post your mixed flock feed suggestions below. Our duck is currently living with our chickens while her mate is indoors recovering so I need to get feed that I can give them. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  15. JennyFromTheBawk

    Which roo would you keep?

    Hello, My current flock consists of a Lavender Orpington rooster, blue Orpington hen, black x buff Orpington hen(all Orps are just a year old), and 12 ISA Browns (getting old now and not really laying anymore). I have recently added some pullets ranging from 11-13 weeks old; 1 Belgian Maline...
  16. HoffmanHomestead

    Mixed flock

    Hello. I have a mixed flock of 10 week old guineas, silver laced wyandotte,an easter egger rooster, and 6 sex link hens and 2 roosters that are almost 2 years old. I will be combing them all in the next couple weeks and need advice on the best feed for them all.
  17. HoennerTannie

    My laying hens are dying!

    Description of my flock: I have approx 12 mixed breed hens that are 3yrs of age (or older) and approx 25 hens that I purchased last year as full-grown laying hens (they are Berg's Browns from Berg's Hatchery in Russell, MB) Problem: In the past months (not including winter) I have lost several...
  18. Q

    Hi from North Carolina!

    I’m a farmer with a mixed flock, newly adopted ranging from 4 weeks to 1 week old. I have 1 rooster and he’s in charge of 15 ladies. The Rooster is a Rhode Island Red The hens are as follows: Amauracana Barred Rock Silver-Laced Wyandotte Buff Orpington Rhode Island Red Araucana I plan on...
  19. K

    Organic feed for mixed flock (geese and chickens)??

    Hi everyone! I need some advice on what to feed my mixed flock when I put them all into 1 shared coop. I'm looking for an organic, non-gmo feed that is suitable for: 1 adult laying hen, 6 young chickens (5 weeks), and 1 young rooster (5 weeks old), and 2 emden/pilgrim hybrid geese (also 5 weeks...
  20. DuckWhisperer06

    What is the best bedding/nesting material?

    Whqt is the best bedding/ nesting material for a mixed flock? I’ve heard cedar shavings are toxic to certain birds but I don’t remember which. We are using pine shavings, but I was hoping for something a little more ‘rain proof’. We’ve been having bad storms here lately and where we live, it...
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