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  • Tomorrow is the big integration day for the new chicks! We are over 6 weeks old and have done well so far with socializing with my slightly older pullets. Hoping sleeping in coop integration will also go well!
    Working on integrating my 5 week old chicks into the flock. It’s a slow process but we are getting closer. One fun thing we do is free range together in the rose garden and the chickens enjoy it and can see each other in neutral territory with my supervision. Sometimes the big girls go to peck them but usually both groups do their own thing. I am finding that Chicken keeping is a lot of thoughtful work and patience.
    It’s been a week since I lost three of my five chickens to a predator while free ranging. We are all nervous moving forward because the fox or hawk or whatever could come back. I now won’t leave my flock during free range time but I miss how carefree we were and how the chickens loved being outside and everyone was happy. I will make adjustments so this won’t happen again.
    My update is that I’m grateful to this place and the people who have responded to my posts and questions. It’s been heartbreaking losing some of my flock and I have found solace here in the comments and in the wisdom and advice given. You have truly helped me process this grief.
    Starting to come to terms with losing 3 of my dear pullets to a predator this week. Starting to feel better and calm down from the shock and pain. As a new chicken keeper, it was a hard dose of reality and I still feel so guilty and miss them. I am getting a new group of chicks in a week and will start over.
    New to chickens and love it. Raised my first flock from 3 day old chicks with tons of tlc. Recently lost 3 young hens to a predator and having a hard time with grief and guilt.
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