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Chicken Tractors & Mobile Chicken Coop Designs

Jarhead's Coop
GwenDellAnno's Coop
kycklingar's 4x10 Tractor
BirdsinBethel's Coop
BG's Little Egg Factory

Work of Art

Hen Hideout

On Golden Coop


Coup D'Etat

Dark Dozen's Chicken Tractor

Chicken Menagerie

Building a Tractor Coop/Run

Wee Kirk Coop

blueridge's Coop

Reclaimed Chicken Coop

Bayou Swamp Coop
zookeeper15133's Coop
Moselle's Coop
omelay's Coop
hennesse's Coop

Barn Tractor

Mobile Hen House

Sadie Lane Brooder/Tractor

tmb3fan's Coop
A Classy A-Frame Tractor
Chrisnum9's Coop
The Nags Head


anojones's Coop
Temporary Tractor
Elwar's Coop
Portable Coop
My-Chicken Tractor
Chicken Tractor/Quarantine Pen
The Birdello Grower House
The Garden Ark
Chicken Tractor
wendyrun's Coop
Dawn419's Coop
Chicken Tractor
Tractor Coop
My Chicken Tractor
Urban Coop II
Stealth Coop

PVC Tractor Pen

Mgw's Tractor

Coco Chanel Castle

Bantam House

Chicken Coop
greenchickencoop's Coop Page
The Little Urban Coop
Our First Chicken Tractor
Chicken Tractor
burbfarm's Coop
The Backacre Coop
TNDadx4's Coop
Chicken Tractor Too
justcelia's Coop
moondog419's Tractor

Rossetti Tractor
Jim's Large Backyard Coop
monica's Chicken House
SurprisingWoman's Coop
redhead83402's Coop
Duck Mobile
MiniDriver's Coop
Our Chicken Tractor
Ocala's Coop
Scrappy Chicken Tractor
Chicken Tractor the Third
The Chikin Trakter
ChickieBerryFarm's Coop
Egghead_Jr's Coop
The Cluck Wagon
birddawg's Coop
Recycled Tractor
Cargo's Coop
Chicken Tractor
Coop Tractor for City Gardens
Best Coop A-Round
Banty Tractor
Old Style Hen House Tractor
azelgin's Coop
Chicken Tractor
ScaredOfShadows's Coop
thechickwagon's Coop
Barred Rock Cafe
MANOZ's Coop
Suburban Chicken Tractor
tororider's Coop
Uzuri's Coop
yoker's Coop
The Chicken Mahal
 House of Joy the Coop
bigoakhunter's Coop
harleyhappy's Coop
Chicken Tractor Forager
Scraps Tractor
thinmantis's Coop
Jim's Backyard Coop
feedstorechicks' Mini Coop


Little Chicken Wagon

Handydad's Tractor


Comments (17)

Those are very nice chicken tractors!
some cool chicken tractors ..........
where can i buy one here in Lawrenceville Ga Maybe have one built?
@Danny169 Check under the farm & garden section!
These are way cool ideas! Thanks for sharing peeps :)
I like how they made them.
Got some good ideas...thanks everyone!
We have 2 chicken tractors ourselves... I did not see and that resembled ours though. For bantams they make perfect full-time coops.
I (ok, my hubby) welded some heavy duty wheels onto a metal swingset that had been outgrown by my cousin and we covered that in hardware cloth with 2x4s at the bottom, added a plywood back wall on one of the A-frame sdies to attach the nest boxes to, covered it with a tarp for shade and voila, big tractor
I had a quick look through the pictures and didn't see what I was look for, but I'm wondering if anyone has made a chicken tractor from a utility trailer topped with a truck canopy?
Nice tractors looking for ideas for CX in the spring.
I have one of these which I keep all my chickens in, and they are awesome things. The only con about them is sometimes, one or maybe even two of my hens start freaking out.
They are all cool. I am going to make one out of a old green house frame 
i need to start on my own lol
So many great designs!!!
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