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Laysan Teal Thread

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Cant find a thread for these ducks so thought would start one.

Does anyone keep them?

When do they nest?

Can they be kept with other waterfowl?

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I used to breed them back when I was a zookeeper. I didn't know people kept them as pets, they are critically endangered in the wild. Are these yours? They can absolutely fly, so if they are allowed to free-range, or stay in an enclosure without mesh over the top you'll need to clip them. Sometimes they are pinioned when young so they can never fly, but I don't personally agree with that. Ours always laid and raised their ducklings in the Spring, just like most other species.


At any rate, they can be kept with other waterfowl, just like any other duck. Very cute little guys, and one of the very few species you can tell the sex of by their bill color. 


Edited to add: Not the best pic, but this was our breeding pair back at the zoo:

Samsung Techwin

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The picture is of a pair I have been offered.Do they nest in boxes or are they ground nesters?

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Ours always used a nest box. 

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A raised one like a wood duck?

Sorry for all the questions just want to be prepared if I get them.

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Ours only used ground nest boxes, so I would go with those. Wood ducks and Mandarins are a little different in that they usually nest in trees, so that's why they prefer mounted (raised) nest boxes. 


Oh, and I don't mind the questions! I'll help in any way I can. Laysan Teals may not be the most colorful ducks, but they are still beautiful and fun nevertheless. I had one who I had to hand-raised that was the sweetest thing ever! I was so sad when she was transferred to another zoo for breeding purposes. :/ 

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I just got a pair of Laysan Teal as well!! I had never even heard of them. I got them, a wood duck pair and a grey Call Duck pair from a local aviary. The Lausanne have some unique and interesting calls and are pretty friendly. They love worms! The wood ducks won't touch worms. I have runners, Cayugas and Ancona but these little guys are my favorites
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Would love to see some pictures!
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I'll have to take some. I have a video but that won't upload here. I can text or email it if you like. I'm out of town until tomorrow
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Does anyone know how to determine the sex of Laysans??
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