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Oooh i've only just seen this!  OMG i'd love to see my boys in an outfit.  I think they would have to wear gangster outfits though because they are trouble with a capital T :-)

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      Drakes are little rapists.  As the hormones kick in most of them just get more aggressive with their mating.  They leave their girls in tatters and are known to kill chickens with their amorous behaviour.

      I have two drakes and 7 ducks.  One duck is bald from the top of her head to the middle of her back and her feathers are a tattered mess.  Her name is Venus because well I guess she is the favourite duckie goddess of love.  She runs from the drakes and falls into the many holes they have created with their noodling.  Now she is lame.  I forsee freezer camp in the drakes future if they don't settle down.  
     Im looking for some sort of guard I can put on her to keep the drake from beating her up so badly.  I love my drakes, but the egg layers win if it comes down to it.  Any advise???

Need a duckie chastity belt and neck guard. LOL 

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My friend has drakes and ducks and they used to do it with their mum, do it with each other and she had to separate them. I have meanwhile devastating events a fox took two of my chickens and bit one of my boys on his neck. He made it through the night but he is not holding his neck up and is not eating. He is going to the vet tomorrow as no slots tonight I am absolutely devastated my beautiful boy and I don't know what I am going to do about his brother.
Maybe separate your drakes if possible? I'm new to ducks and chickens only had my flock for 4 months but they are my pets
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Im so sorry to hear about your losses and your sweet boy.  How is he doing today?   Could the vet help him?  I have separated my Drakes.  They are in lock down during the day and Im treating Venus with compresses & hydro therapy.  

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He died of a heart attack at the vets poor baby. He was regurgitating his food and they couldn't save him. I miss him. I will be collecting his ashes and put him with Horatio the chicken. I'm not sure how his brother is doing to be honest. The remaining flock all stick together. He quacks at night I guess for his brother which is heartbreaking. Elvis the bantam actually seem happier for some reason. I've never heard her cluck but she made quite a racket today.
Poor Venus. I hope she recovers fast. How are your drakes taking the enforced celibacy?
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 The drakes are upset.  I don't care, they dont lay eggs. They are just there to look good and make spring ducklings.  LOL   Really I do love them. 


     Venus has not laid an egg in a long while, I have tried every homeopathic remedy I could and she keeps getting worse.   Her leg is so swollen Im afraid she could actually loose it.  I finally broke down and called around for a vet that can treat ducks.  We have an appointment in an hour.  


    She is not taking her seclusion very well, she quacks & quacks when the other ducks go off to the pond.  She seems to be fairly ok as long as she can at least see her flock. If I let her out to the yard to visit she tries to keep up and go swimming too.  I think its doing more damage than good.   The drakes got out before I could get her put away the other day and they were on her so fast!  


Im so sorry to hear about your loss.  Its heartbreaking.  It's funny how the dynamics of the flock change when there are changes in their numbers.  

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I think the vet is the best idea. If we had taken reggie to the vet straight away we could have saved him so I have that on my conscience now as well.
Your poor ducky. Flipping drakes omg. Please let me know what vet says.
We are going to get Ronnie a male companion. I was gonna get him a lady friend but I live in the burbs with too many neighbours who complain about noise
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