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Chicken with a bleeding bum

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So I'm new to the whole chicken thing and my first two hens(Orpingtons )arrived just 2 days ago with 2 more on their way they seem to be settling in ok and seem happy enough as in they are eating and exploring their run and coop but it seem that one of them has a small amount of blood coming from her bum it does look like it's actually coming from her "hole"(for want of a better word) it looks more like above it and I think the other one might be pecking at it as there's feathers missing in the area I'm really unsure of how to deal with the problem especially as the poor things are still getting used to us there isn't too much blood i really only noticed it due to the lack of feathers around the area does anyone have suggestions of what to do is be so greatful for any input thx
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Chicks will peck at almost anything.  And if something starts bleeding it encourages more pecking.  I would wash the blood off.  If you see a wound or a scab you might want to separate them until it is fully healed.

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