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Belly feels swollen and hot

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Today I gave my Rhode Island Red a bath to remove a clump of poo from her feathers. Her underbelly felt swollen and hot. Otherwise, I haven't noticed any other symptoms or unusual behavior.
I mixed some tetracycline and oregano oil into fresh water for her today, and will repeat with fresh water for the next week. I also will use some Ropapoultry Complete in another waterer, too. Anything else I should try for her?
Fyi she is an old chicken, probably 3-4 and hasnt laid an egg in a year. But otherwise seems healthy and active. Does she need to go to the vet?
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Could be ascites, I don't think antibiotics will help if it is.

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I just found some horrifying pictures after Googling 'ascites'. She is not that distended and is not walking funny. I will take her to the vet if it doesnt go away soon.
Does anyone take their chickens to the vet regularly? Or do you follow a regular schedule of antibiotics or oregano oil/apple cider vinegar, etc?
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