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Belly feels swollen and hot

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Today I gave my Rhode Island Red a bath to remove a clump of poo from her feathers. Her underbelly felt swollen and hot. Otherwise, I haven't noticed any other symptoms or unusual behavior.
I mixed some tetracycline and oregano oil into fresh water for her today, and will repeat with fresh water for the next week. I also will use some Ropapoultry Complete in another waterer, too. Anything else I should try for her?
Fyi she is an old chicken, probably 3-4 and hasnt laid an egg in a year. But otherwise seems healthy and active. Does she need to go to the vet?
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Could be ascites, I don't think antibiotics will help if it is.

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I just found some horrifying pictures after Googling 'ascites'. She is not that distended and is not walking funny. I will take her to the vet if it doesnt go away soon.
Does anyone take their chickens to the vet regularly? Or do you follow a regular schedule of antibiotics or oregano oil/apple cider vinegar, etc?
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Is there a remedy for ascites? As of today I now have a chicken with a major swollen belly and is walking funny like a duck. Wondering what to do?
Please help! Thank you!
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There are various threads here on BYC and some youtube videos of people draining the fluid from a hen's abdomen that has Ascites.


A swollen abdomen and walking like a penguin can be associated with several things.  Ascites, Peritonitis, Salpingitis, cancer or tumors.  If you have vet care available that would be best.  Antibiotic treatment is limited at best with most of these conditions.  They may help temporarily with infection in the abdomen.  Supportive care would be making sure she is eating/drinking well (staying hydrated is important), giving poultry vitamins and a balanced poultry feed. Adding some extra protein like egg, tuna, mackerel or meat may be beneficial as well.





Peritonitis and internal egg laying issues:

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Thank you for all the info!

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