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black strip, base of comb?

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We had a rooster suffer from frostbite earlier in the year. We had it mostly resolved, although the damage was still apparent on the tips.


Now we're in the middle of a cold snap, and today I came outside to find him with burned waddles, and a very dark, distinct black stripe from front to back on his comb.





I'm assuming this is frost bite related, but it's not on the exposed part, it's right at the base of the skull.  Blood poisoning?

Anyone know what this is, or how I treat it?  I feel bad for the poor guy.

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That does appear to be frostbite. It can look different in every case. His comb is probably very painful and sensitive. If you treat it dab on plain Neosporin or bacitracin ointment, or betadine or Vetericyn wound spray to help prevent infection. His comb will probably become very rounded off when it heals. Check your coop ventilation to make sure there are no direct drafts, has good over head ventilation, and is dry since moisture combined with cold air can cause frostbite.

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Probably frostbite. From looking at the photos of your coop in your profile section, it seems like not enough ventilation is the cause of the problem. Chickens produce a lot of moisture from breathing and from their poo and it needs to be able to escape, otherwise it will condense and freeze on your birds. If you don't remedy the ventilation, he will likely suffer further comb damage.

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