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kinda small like 3x4 and it gets kinda cold near the garage so I keep that 250 Wat lamp in there but have the door cracked open all the time and they actually sit under it soaking up the heat?
about another month or so and I'm putting them outside hopefully it warms up soon cause I would like them to roam around freely and be more happy.
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Glad to hear some improvement.

If he is keeping the hen away from food, you might have to put in 2 feeders or even separate them.

Yes, the space is a bit small, as discussed, for the 2 of them. Can you start reducing the heat by either raising the lamp or lowering the wattage of the bulb and see how they do.

The thirst may be from the heat, medication, worms/parasites or a combination. I would make sure they have water 24/7, especially because of the heat.

Hope they continue to improve.

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