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New Coop Question

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Hello all, I have a question.  I just built an new coop for my in-laws chickens and it seems that they are not using it as I thought they would.  I have not taken down the old, small coop yet.  I believe taking down the old coop they will start using the new coop.


Are chickens creatures of habit?  Will they take to the new coop and start using the nesting boxes?


Any help is appreciated.




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Hi Darren,


I am new with chickens but from what I understand chickens will automatically go back into their coop at dusk. I think the chickens may have to be re-trained by removing the existing coop and locking them into the new one. Other more experienced members I am sure will be replying soon. But for the time being that is my newbie level response. :P 

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Thank you for the response!

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One more question.  Is the opening into the coop big enough?  It is approximately 16" x 13 1/2".


Thank you.

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