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When to operate/ bumble foot

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There are varying opinions on when to preform the bumble foot surgery. I have just noticed bumble foot of varying degrees on my flock. I am not afraid to do the surgery however I don't want to cut my birds if I don't have to. Here is one mild case. Would you cut this out? I am changing my roosts in order to prevent reoccurrence but I can't help our dreadful wet winter we had this year thankfully it's almost over so I can replace all of the compacted soil dirt and sand around the coop! Please any advice on weather to cut out the infections or alternatives are welcome. But I have a young busy family and don't have endless time to soak chicken feet daily for weeks on end wink.png
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In mild cases, you don't need to cut out the kernel. After soaking for about fifteen minutes in warm Epsom salts, you probably will be able to scrape the kernel out with a thumb nail. Then clean out the pocket real well with a Q-tip and hydrogen peroxide. It's important to clean out all the staph infection.


I like to spray with Vetericyn and then smooth on antibiotic ointment and bandage to keep out the dirt until it hardens in a couple days, changing the dressing after two days, re-soaking if necessary.

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Thank you!  I will be giving each of my girls "spa days" this week so I can better examine their feet. Unfortunately I don't think they will enjoy it!

I don't think they realize what a luxury it is to be able to have a pedicure!

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