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Quail egg cartons?

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Hello All! Now I know this has been asked a lot of times before. However, time changes so I'm seeking current info =)

Where is the cheapest place for me to purchase quail egg cartons ? Just to clarify, I do not want flats - I want cartons (preferably clear plastic) so I can stick a label on it and the eggs will have an attractive appearance when I'm selling them.
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Got mine here. I'd love to hear if someone else writes about another resource.
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Thanks for that! I'd love to hear others as well. 

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eBay has them at competitive prices.
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I've been looking and I'm thinking of taking a flyer on these:


It'll be a while before I do but, depending on shipping cost, there may be no better way to gamble :fl


Please don't take this as a recommendation, and do your own due diligence, but it's a minimum 500 order at 7 cents each.  Let me know if you do give it a try and how it went.  I'll do the same if I give them a try.

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James Marie Farms has decent prices if you contact him direct, i got some from him on a sale he had a few weeks back $47 shipped for a 300 pack case of 24ct clear plastic.

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bought this style from this ebayer, but in a much larger quantity, so much better price.  Don't see they have larger quantities right now


Thing I liked about these are they are tall and so my big eggs actually fit!

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