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Is it my Doberman?

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What is killing my hens?? About 5 month ago we had the reminiscent of a hen in the yard it looked like she exploded only thing left was feet and feathers. And our neighbors dog found a way into our yard and that boxer loves the chase of a good chicken so we assumed it was her. So fast forward to today and once again there was another hen (well its feet and feathers anyway). But our neighbor had fixed the tear in the fence and covered any holes near the fence and the dog doesn't bother trying to get over into our yard anymore. So that leaves my dog and we've had chickens since she was a puppy and she doesn't attack them nor does she scare them or chase them so I'm positive it wasn't her. When I got home she didn't have blood on her muzzle or paws or teeth no feathers stuck anywhere. I hope it isn't her that is killing the hens for sport I would have to put the hens in a coop or limit my dog from going into certain parts of the yard. There have been crows stalking our hens for quite some time now but can crows do that?
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Chances are a wild animal is eating your hens, some animals leave their kills opossums, raccoons and raptors will leave them out like that. I would say you have a hawk eating them, hawks eat out the front of the birds like their chest, head and any easily eaten muscle mass but leave the extremely boney parts so they can get away quickly. 

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something like this costs about $15 which is the only other way to know if you don't see it with your own eyes. it records continuously and you can review the last few hours once you see something has happened

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