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HELP! Jackson MS

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Good Evening,


I live in Jackson MS and have just received a letter from the city regarding my backyard chickens.  According to the city, I am in violation by having backyard chickens.  I have five hens (no rooster) and they are housed in a coup.  My neighbor does not feel like chickens belong in the city and has filed a violation with the city.  I have 15 days to remove my girls.  When I called the city today, I was told chickens are not allowed in Jackson and I have no option.  Any suggestions???

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So sorry to hear that. There are threads on this site about people that have successfully changed the regulations regarding chickens in cities, you may want to check them out. Backyard flocks are becoming more and more popular, and peoples misconceptions about chickens being stinky, loud animals belonging only on a farm are beginning to change.

If you're willing to fight to change the regulations, there are many ways you can do this. Go to your city council meeting and find out ways to get on the agenda for a meeting. Have real reasons for why chickens should be allowed in the city (ie, nutritious eggs, bug control, etc.) Show how chickens make great pets, and are part of sustainable living. Perhaps you could suggest that the regulations be changed to allow a certain number of hens only, confined in a coop. You could also start a petition. This was done in Houston, Tx a few years back by a 12 year old. (

I wish you the best success with trying to change your city's rules. Perhaps you can find someone outside the city to take your hens while you are working on changing the rules. ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


Reply ---Come join us! 

~Below Paradise Poultry~


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