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Smitten by the birds!

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So, my wife and I have taken the chick plunge . We acquired 6 pure bred Silver Sebrights ,
28 Black Australorps , and 4 white chicks the farmer said were Black Australorp and black sex link cross ? We are so excited , our three pups are adjusting.
The SS birds are so tame and gentle , the BA are skittish and just squawk when messed with. So much fun to watch them all in the brooder.
The white birds , out of four , two have a little black spot on top of their heads . I was wondering if those were the roosters? I've read somewhere about telltale markings on certain birds as a way of sexing . I have posted some pics , so if anyone with the wisdom , and time could give me info , would appreciated !
Greetings fro Wv ! We look forward to being a part of the community, and sharing this journey with you ! big_smile.png

Silver sebrights!
Black Australorps

Black Australorps
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Day 8 :)

The Sebrights

Day 8

The Black Australorps and 4 white BA mixes.

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