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Arizona Quail Peeps

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If you are in Arizona and are raising Quail, I'd like to see your posts

Just started with quails and love the cute little things. I have Common Quail but would love to find people here that raise other types of quail too.

Have advise for Quail in the dead heat of summer? Love to here it.

Love to see pictures too.

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Found a great place to purchase quail! They are really great to work with.

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I will have to check them out. My girls raise coturnix quail, starting last fall. We just hatched out 10 babies(1 died a couple days later when he choked on food sad.png ). The girls love them, and I love the sounds they make. I will have to share pictures later smile.png
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I would LOVE to see pictures. Sorry that you lost 1. I put my first doz in the little incubator 2 days. They guy that runs the Desert Sky Quail really is  nice. He has all sorts different colors. 


Had to take 2 males out and put them in separate cages all by themselves until they calm down. Crow Crow Crow.... Then they started grabbing each other by the necks (3 males) it got bloody. so I took 2 out and they are separated.


Love the little song the girls make after they lay. I thought it was the male until I saw 1 lay today and then she made a cute little song, twice. So when I heard the song again, I went to check and there was an egg and then she did her song again.   The breeder told me to see who is laying what because once in a while I will get 4 eggs a day out of 3 hens.  So I'm doing like he suggested and when I figure out which hen, I'll mark her eggs and hatchlings. He said it's very rare for 1 to do that. Guess like a double yolk in a chicken.

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Here are our babies
 a few days ago at 2 weeks old.  

One of my daughters with our big mama, Bedo.  She was our only layer for a time.  She got a bum leg after a cat attack and limps a little yet, but she does good <3  

I can't find any pics of our white ones, but we have some of them too.  The babies are actually white/coturnix crosses because we wound up with no male coturnix after the cat attack(the first night we had them last fall).  I'm curious to see how they color out, if any will show signs of their white parentage.  So far only 2 have some minor white feathering.  

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I love the songs the females sing, too.   Ours sound almost like a cricket song!

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Pretty Girl......... The girl with feathers is pretty too. :)

Guess I'll have to take some pictures.

We are wanting to buy a home in town next March, so that is why we downsized to Quail. We'll just have 2 chickens and the quail when me move. No more ducks. They are so messy and LOUD.

But the ones I hatched were so cute....... LOL


The white ones I got, the male is pure white and the females have just small spots of black on head, 1 has a could spots of the same color of your Bedo

I've only had quail for 4 weeks now and just love them. Especially when the males are quiet.

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It's nice that you can keep a couple chickens when you move into town.  I know some places are overly strict about that.  Usually HOAs, I think.  We have a lot of those in the west valley, thankfully we moved just past that, ha!

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Here are some pics when they were 3 weeks. They are 8 weeks now. The Bully that I had was just to mean. When he bloodies up the females, it's time to roast him. He dressed out at 5oz. Almost 10 oz live. He's the darker 1 in the center and again in the bottom pic.



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