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I got this nightingale's chick and I don't know what to feed it. Also it is sleeping more and eating less. I've ordered a bird food for this baby. Is this right ? Please, can anyone tell me a diet for it ? And the reason behind it's sleepy ness ? I'm very worried and have a fear that it will die...Please help me guys ! It's urgent !
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hello the first thing id do is maybe try pedialye to give him a little energy and hydration im gonna need a bi more info like how you got him like was he a rescue from outside or bought from a breeder? also nightingale as in wild or like the species in the pet trade

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it's dead now...
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Thanks a lot for your concern...
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im sorry for your loss :(

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for future refernces could you give some inforation? the previous questions asked, what and how you were feeding it, what you kept it in?

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